Japan Ninja Council

Ninja dojo opens in Tokyo’s Asakusa, offers courses in shuriken, stealth, and sensory perception

Japan Ninja Council wants to give visitors their first steps down the path of the shinobi.

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The Japan Ninja Council opens crowdfunding campaign for Nindo, the Online Ninja Academy

The Last Ninja Master seeks to establish the first and only online certificate platform for anyone in the world to become a Master of Ninja.

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Move over, dartboards – Japan now has shuriken machines for ninja fun!

Ninja Trainer Arcade earns Japan Ninja Council’s blessing.

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Japan Ninja Council produces first-ever official hotel room in Tokyo’s Ueno

Spacious eight-person room makes a perfect base for shinobi missions in Tokyo, but passing up sushi counter room is a hard choice.

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Ninja to officially appear before Japanese parliament to outline goals and perform “other activities”

Japan Ninja Council sending delegation to speak, show their shinobi skills at National Diet House of Representatives session.

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Newly established Japan Ninja Council promises to be your one-stop website for all things ninja

When you think of “cool Japan,” it’s hard to overlook ninjas, those stealthy spies and assassins with more tricks up their sleeve than a magician in a parka. And yet it seems these timeless icons of Japanese culture have largely been overlooked by the national government’s Cool Japan in favor of AKB48 spin-offs and abacuses.

So instead, a band of 11 Japanese governors and mayors have assembled to create the Japan Ninja Council (JNC) with the sole aim of reminding everyone how cool ninjas are. Having officially launched on 9 October they aim to collect every bit of information on ninjas, including their history and culture, and provide it to anyone who wants to learn more about these elusive figures.

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