Shinjuku izakaya’s all-you-can-eat-and-drink plan is one of Tokyo’s best secret cheap eats

Sushi, sashimi, and yakitori galore, but only for diners who know where to find it!

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Traditional Japanese cuisine gets an out of this world treatment — we try Japanese Space Food

Take your taste buds on an intergalactic trip with these space-friendly foods!

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Rising Japan MusicFest coming to LA this weekend, may have best yakitori in the world

New day in music festivals is rising.

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The strange part of Japan where “grilled chicken” doesn’t always mean “chicken”

This yakitori bowl is suspiciously lacking in tori.

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Shibuya unveils two new local ramen dishes themed after famously loyal local dog Hachiko

And just in time for Ramen Day!

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Learn about meat cuts with…chocolate?

Getting kids to slow down and really think about the food they eat. 

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Grill everything indoors and all at once with this crazy Japanese yakitori skewer cooking gadget

If you’re working from your home office, isn’t is also time to start eating at your home pub?

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Kyoto yakitori restaurant earns Michelin rating with one of the best value-for-money deals in Japan

Kyoto Yakitori Kazu offers fine dining on a budget.

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Ludicrously unbelievable diet product claims to convert beer and chicken into water

New breakthrough boldly defies both science and common sense.

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Restaurant manager arrested for armed robbery…of his own restaurant

“Aren’t you our manager?” asked a shocked member of staff when a man wearing a mask and sunglasses and brandishing a kitchen knife entered the restaurant and demanded money.

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The Zenyaren restaurant in Otemachi offers water jelly for the summer … with chicken inside it!

In the mood for some cool, refreshing jelly to beat the summer heat? Well, that’s certainly what the clear, Jell-O-like item in the picture here looks like, right? But you won’t find this delicate-looking item in a cafe, or any regular restaurant for that matter, as a dessert.  From the same folks at Zenyaren who brought us “cool yakitori” last year, which were basically chilled chicken skewers in collagen blocks, we now have the “water jelly yakitori“, another visually interesting dish that involves grilled chicken encased in a transparent jelly!

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Got a beef with Japan’s Christmas shortcakes? Then try one made out of chicken

I like Christmas. I get that some people feel it’s over-commercialized, but for me, I’m happy to see some nice decorations and have an excuse to get together with family and friends. Really, the only complaint I’ve got is the cake.

See, in Japan, you can’t celebrate Christmas without a cake. Ordinarily, adding cake to just about anything makes it better, with “a mug of beer” being the sole exception I’ve found so far. But almost every Christmas party here features the exact same “Christmas cake.” It’s basically a strawberry shortcake, which, by my criteria, is sorely lacking in the three most important ingredients of a really good cake, which are, in no particular order, chocolate frosting, chocolate sponge, and chocolate filling.

So if you’ve also got a beef with the standard Christmas cake, maybe you’d prefer one that’s made out of chicken.

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Get ‘em while they’re cold! Tokyo restaurant has chilled chicken skewers in collagen blocks

Japan takes skin care pretty seriously. Aside from all the parasols, cosmetic-grade sunscreens, and arsenal of lotions stocked at every drug store, some people look for a skin-beautifying boost in the foods they eat.

Collagen-rich dishes are particularly popular, especially when cooked in a hot pot. But what if you don’t just want food that contains collagen, but globs of it that contain food? Then this Tokyo yakitori restaurant has just the thing with its chicken skewers inside blocks of collagen.

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We try one meter of skewered grilled chicken: The Mega-Yakitori

When out on the town many drinking establishments in Japan offer yakitori, which is basically grilled marinated chicken on a stick. These are offered in a wide variety using different parts of the chicken, added vegetables, or different sauces, salts and spice blends.

Now Zenyaren Sohonten Tokyo is offering a one-of-a-kind type of grilled chicken called The World’s First Mega-Yakitori. This limited edition menu item is said to contain 30 times the meat of a regular stick of yakitori. This isn’t a simple case of quantity over quality either as the chicken is specially selected from regions across Japan.

Before anyone even asked him, Mr. Sato was digging out his most loose-fitting jeans and on his way to try it out.

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