Okonomiyaki taiyaki: Sweet and savoury combination confuses the senses

We love okonomiyaki and we love taiyaki, but will we love okonomiyaki taiyaki?

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Shibuya unveils two new local ramen dishes themed after famously loyal local dog Hachiko

And just in time for Ramen Day!

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Mr. Sato takes on this mega bowl of hiyashi chuka and possibly snubs his boss in the process

When the summer heat decreases your appetite, there’s nothing like a giant bowl of chilled noodles to bring it back.

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Tokyo luxury hotel teams up with Cup Noodle for 50th anniversary ramen cocktails and course meals

‘Cause what better way to celebrate turning 50 than with some “noods”?

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Mr. Sato attacks a massive castle of seafood at a new restaurant in Tokyo Skytree’s Solamachi

This particular dish with a really, really long name is a veritable gastronomic fortress waiting to be conquered. 

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Pringles x Super Cup Sour Cream and Onion Yakisoba is back on shelves this month

Nothing sparks holiday cheer like a collaboration between a popular chip flavor and stir-fried noodles

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We enjoy fast food without human contact by trying out KFC Japan’s new takeout lockers

Could this be the future of takeout?

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Hokkaido resort offering vibrant bounty of gelato lookalikes…made of potato?!?

Potato lovers rejoice: Choose from 100 varieties of potato salad disguised as colorful cones of gelato during upcoming campaign. 

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Japan’s first 100 percent non-alcoholic and vegan bar to open in Tokyo’s Roppongi district

Get ready to enjoy stylish non-alcoholic beverages and vegan bites in a chic setting on your next night, or morning, out. 

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Social distanced dining is a cinch with these stuffed capybara companions【Photos】

This zoo’s thought up the cutest possible way to keep some barriers up between diners at their eatery.

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Cosplay Yokocho: Tokyo alley where customers eat and drink in cosplay costumes

With photo booths, cosplaying staff, and costume rental for diners, this is one of the most unusual food courts you’ll find in Japan.

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GINZA SIX, Tokyo’s newest tourist destination, set to open April 20

From modern art to classic Noh, with world-class shopping and dining to boot. Let’s take a look!

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New Japanese dish combines two summertime greats – soba noodles and kakigori shaved ice

Now you can enjoy your main dish and dessert together in one meal.

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Japanese naked restaurant lifts age and weight restrictions

After making international headlines for its strict entry policy, The Amrita has made a number of surprising changes to their nude dining experience.

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Enliven your next lunar party with these beautiful Moon Glasses

Moon watching parties and festivals abound the world over—and with good reason! There’s nothing quite like drinking in the light of a full moon, is there? It’s magical and fun in just the right proportions. And now, thanks to the Korean design company Tale, you can buy the perfect glasses for your next moon viewing party!

These beautiful Moon Glasses mimic the phases of the moon as they’re filled, going from a new moon to a full moon as your pour in your liquid of choice. 

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We visit a reasonably-priced sushi shop so good you’ll forget all about that “Jiro” guy

With a whole documentary devoted to him and a coveted place in the Michelin Guide, the (reportedly) rather ornery owner of renowned sushi shop Sushi Jiro has ruled the sushi world with a nori-wrapped fist for some time now. Jiro’s tiny shop, located in an underground mall in Ginza, commands about US$300 per 30-minute “omakase” meal and reservations need to be made months in advance – which is a pretty huge investment for a meal.

That daunting investment seems downright silly, though, when you realize that you can get incredible, world-class sushi in your maw for around a third of the cost just down the road!

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Restaurant refuses to serve couples on Dec. 24 so singles won’t be reminded of their loneliness

Ah, December 24, Christmas Eve. The time to spend with parents, siblings, drunken aunts and that one crazy uncle that’s always telling you about chemtrails after four or five eggnogs. Or, the time for romantic dinner dates, proposals and convenience store chicken, if you’re in Japan.

The holiday has long been the bane of Tokyo singles, who are forced to watch thousands of happy couples marching all over town Christmas Eve, hand-in-hand, checking out the Christmas “illumination” shows that have become so popular over the years. That it’s one of the few times public displays of affection are relatively accepted in polite Japanese society just makes it all the more difficult for lonely guys and gals to bear.

But, this year, one Tokyo restaurant has a plan to give all those Forever Alones out there a safe haven to dine in peace on Christmas Eve and, who knows, maybe even find a potential partner.

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The Yakiniku Rules: dating advice from the front line

“When you take a girl out for yakiniku, you have to follow the rules“, says Natsuko. “Too many men these days forget about TPO“, she adds, referring to the importance of the three things – Time, Place, and Occasion – that are supposed to dictate appropriate behaviour in social situations.

We asked one yakiniku-loving Japanese girl to give us her honest opinion on the dating game, and – well, it was pretty brutal.

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New portable Napkin Table is indispensable for all your picnic needs

We here at RocketNews24 take pride in introducing you to all manner of strange things to come out of Asia, which most definitely includes news about any bizarre inventions we see floating around.

This time, our “Pointless Asian Invention of the Week” is sure to make you chortle. Introducing the Napkin Table, the perfect portable table for whenever you find yourself out in the wilderness with your partner and need a place to picnic!

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The man who has eaten at every Michelin 3-star restaurant says the ‘Jiro Dreams Of Sushi’ spot is not worth the hype

Last week, President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had dinner at Sukiyabashi Jiro, considered by many to be one of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo, if not the world.

It’s certainly the most famous sushi spot on the planet thanks to the 2011 documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” The three-star Michelin restaurant is located in the basement of an office building near the Ginza station, with a modest wooden counter and only 10 tables in the entire establishment. 89-year-old master chef Jiro Ono serves a tasting menu of roughly 20 courses, for a total of 30,000 Japanese yen (just under $300).

But some people question if the experience is actually worth the money.

While there’s no question that diners are eating some of the freshest and most perfectly prepared fish available, the meal is often rushed. The Michelin Tokyo Guide warns “don’t be surprised to be finished within 30 minutes.” That’s the equivalent of spending 1,000 Japanese Yen — or $10 — per minute.

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