Finally, a competitor for yakisoba bread has arrived.

Coming from the UK, I find it interesting how many strange things my birth country has in common with Japan. We both drive on the left, for one thing. We both drink a lot of tea. We have prime ministers. But one of the little things that caught my eye is that Japan, like Britain, is very amenable to stacking carbohydrates on top of carbohydrates to make a snack.

Yes, much like how you can order a “chip butty” in the UK—that’s fried potato on buttered bread, plus condiments if you prefer—one of the most beloved schoolyard snacks in Japan is yakisoba-pan. This consists of a bread roll stuffed full of starchy yakisoba noodles, often topped with pale pink fronds of pickled ginger and slathered in mayonnaise.

But guess what? Now there’s a new kid on the carbo-loaded bread block. Convenience store Lawson began selling a new product titled “Before Saying Anything, Please Try It Just Once! French Fry Bread” on July 13. It costs 150 yen (US$1.36).

The bread in question is a flatbread with a layer of ketchup spread over its surface, which is then liberally topped with curry-powder-dusted french fries. Ground parsley is sprinkled atop the bread to finish it. Lawson recommends lightly toasting the bread in a toaster oven to enjoy this starchy snack to the fullest.

It seems like quite a few people have already bought a snack and are sharing their thoughts on social media.

“I got charmed by the idea of French fry bread so I bought it, but it tasted exactly like I predicted it would.”
“Today I witnessed the god of starch in the form of Lawson’s French fry bread.”
“The packaging on Lawson’s new bread implored me to try it at least once. So I did. I certainly tried it.”
“It’s really delicious! Go try it next time you go to Lawson!”

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Source: Lawson via Netlab, Twitter
Top image: Lawson

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