Japanese convenience store food just got even better.

If you’ve been following us for a while now, you’ll know how much we love convenience stores, local fast food chains, and steamed buns, or “nikuman” as they’re known in Japanese.

So when we heard that Family Mart and Mos Burger would be combining forces to bring out a new nikuman, you can imagine our excitement.

▼ It’s called the Mos Teriyaki Nikuman.

This is Family Mart’s first-ever collaboration with Mos Burger, and it looks set to taste delicious, as it captures the flavour of Mos Burger’s long-selling Teriyaki Burger in steamed bun form. The fast food chain’s special teriyaki sauce is said to pair beautifully with the sticky pork inside the Family Mart steamed bun, which itself has been altered and improved for the unique tie-up.

The teriyaki sauce contains miso and has been embellished with cocoa powder and ground black sesame to enhance the umami of the meat. The filling is further enhanced with bursts of mayonnaise as a creamy counterpart to the sauce.

It’s not the first time for a convenience store bun to combine meat and cocoa, so we can’t wait to taste this one and see how it compares. The Mos Teriyaki Nikuman will be on sale at Family Mart branches around the country from 20 September, priced at 180 yen (US$1.25).

Source: PR Times
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