Shibuya convenience store overrun with rats 【Videos】

Turns out rodents love hanging out at konbini as much as people do.

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Cat refuses to move from Japanese convenience store on anniversary of store manager’s death

Animal’s mysterious actions make staff wonder if it was their manager returning in feline form to say one final goodbye

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Convenience store in Sendai celebrates its foreign workers with a special store display

Customers who were curious about the smiling foreign workers ringing up their order at this local konbini can now learn a little bit about what they have in common.

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We taste makunouchi bento at four Japanese convenience store chains【Taste comparison】

Our reporter shares which version of this classic style of bento (all for 430 yen/US$3.83 or under) overwhelmingly stole his heart and stomach.

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8 times when convenience store clerks in Japan should be commended for their hard work【Photos】

These star employees deserve special recognition for their organizational skills, creativity, and in some cases, downright wackiness. 

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7-Eleven Japan opens first stores in Kouchi Prefecture, nationwide domination almost complete

Convenience stores are easily a part of everyone’s daily lives in Japan. So long as you’re in an urban area, you’re probably never more than a five-minute walk away from one. More commonly known as “conbini” in Japanese, they really are just as handy as their name suggests. Need to pay a bill or for an online purchase? Do it at the conbini. Want to print some photos or scan something? Get it done at the conbini. Late-night alcohol- or munchies-run? TO THE CONBINI!

While some convenience store chains can only be found in certain regions, others can be found nationwide. After opening its first stores on Friday, March 6 in Kouchi Prefecture, 7-Eleven only has three more prefectures to go until they’ve got the entire country covered.

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