In celebration of Curry Bread Day, we find out which convenience store has the best curry bread【Taste Test】

We here at SoraNews24 do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Savoring Japan’s new sweet potato sandwich!【Pics, taste test】

Pumpkin spice, move aside. It’s tuber season!

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The Ultimate Battle for Ham Sandwich Supremacy – we rank Japan’s convenience store sandwiches

Who will take the crown in the battle for the top?

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Japanese convenience store praised for low-tech anti-coronavirus system

Unusual idea to protect staff and customers during a state of emergency might just work.

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The customers Japanese convenience store clerks hate the most

How to avoid being that customer staff can’t stand. 

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Kanye West sends his team to Japan for “research”, shares unusual haul online【Photos】

West tells everyone he’s “creating the convenience of the future” and posts 30 mysterious photos of Japanese shopping spree.

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We try the Lawson chicken nuggets that Katy Perry went nuts for on Japanese television

What makes a fried nugget so good that it causes a songstress to cram her mouth full with them and create international headlines?

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5 of the best ice creams to try in Japan right now【Taste Test】

Whether you like traditional Japanese flavours or Western-inspired combinations, these frozen desserts will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

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Japanese noodle lovers go crazy for tank-shaped pork ramen served up at … a convenience store!

There’s so much to love about this surprising ramen dish.

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Cute black cat waiting at register in Japanese convenience store makes us wonder where Kiki is

The unaccompanied kitten is winning hearts for looking just like Jiji, the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, out on a magical errand.

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We try a dish from Japan’s Michelin-starred ramen restaurant…at the convenience store!

Convenience stores in Japan really do have everything, including a meal from the world’s only Michelin-starred ramen restaurant.

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In Japan, skip the makeup counter and head to the convenience store for these 5 great cosmetics

Here are five of the best, high quality cosmetics that line the shelves at Japanese convenience stores, according to one of our Japanese reporters.

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Here’s what happens if you buy all the drinks in the combini and mix them together 【Video】

If you were ever let loose on a self-service drinks machine as a child, you’ll know the peculiar delight that comes from mixing soft drinks together. Orange soda topped up with coke? Sure! A little bit of everything? Why not! It’s an experiment in taste and colour, as wide-eyed (and later stomach-achey) kids discover, just because you like all the individual components, doesn’t mean you’ll like the end result.

Japanese YouTuber Hajime has taken this sense of childish wonder to a new level – and on an adult budget, too. He bought every single drink on sale in his local convenience store, mixed them all together, and reviewed the taste. Because, well…why not!

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Convenience store freezer diver flamed by ice-cream loving Netizens

Sometimes the heat here in Japan really does get too much, but this mystery guy’s cool-down method seems to have backfired. Angry Japanese Netizens are up in arms at the possibility that the selfish iceman may have sullied precious ice-cream with his stinky sweat.

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It’s the Little Things: One More Reason Why We Love Japan

After a long week at the office, our Japanese writer Yoshio was in dire need of a pick-me-up. After stretching and clicking his back, he stood up at his desk, tucked his wallet into his back pocket and announced in unusually glum tones that he was popping out to the convenience store to grab a few things.

A few minutes later, Yoshio walked back into office and placed his little white plastic bag down on his desk with a tired sigh. But then he stopped. Looking down at his purchases inside the bag, he suddenly began beaming with a level of happiness that we hadn’t seen in quite some time.

“Oo! Sugoi!” (“Oh! That’s awesome!”) he softly exclaimed.

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Foreign Employee Named Lawson Working at Lawson Convenience Store Blows Minds Across Japan

Convenience stores- in Japan: they really do live up to their name.

Pay your bills, pick up stuff you ordered on Amazon, send a FAX, buy concert tickets, withdraw cash, buy milk; whatever you need to do, they’ve usually got you covered.

Although 7-Eleven is Japan’s undisputed king of combinis, as convenience stores are fondly known over here, blue-and-white-striped Lawson is never far behind, and has a special place in many shoppers’ hearts.

So when news surfaced that a foreigner named Lawson is working part-time at a convenience store of the very same name, people understandably went a little bit nuts.

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