Plus, be the proud owner of Disney-decorated Kyoto traditional handicrafts!

Are you a fan of both Disney and Japanese traditional arts? Then you’re gonna wanna see Disney’s newest line of limited-edition goods!

The Mickey Next Japan Market line contains traditional Kyoto handicrafts and accessories featuring Mickey Mouse in traditional ukiyo-e print portraits and kabuki poses. Especially prominent is Mickey imitating the famous ukiyo-woodblock painting of an Edo-period kabuki actor, as shown by this Japanese teacup (880 yen/US$7.99).

▼ Mickey on the left, the original painting by Sharaku on the right. They’ve done a good job replicating it!

The Ōtani Oniji III print also appears on these pretty zippered pouches (770 yen), which come in eight varieties. In addition to the ukiyo-e pose, Mickey puts on aggressive expressions and stands in lots of other kabuki poses over backdrops that are distinctly Japanese in color scheme and style, and which also have a nice retro feel to them.

Those same designs are also printed on other items, like a drawstring cloth bag (880 yen)…

A nine-centimeter (3.5-inch) round plate (990 yen)…

And a cloth tote bag (1,650 yen).

The traditional Kyoto handicrafts come with their own unique designs. This set of Japanese candles (27,500 yen), for example, is composed of five thick candles painted in bold blue and black with a scene from the classic Disney movie Fantasia. Though they’re made using traditional techniques from the historic city, modern techniques were used to decorate them with a modern design, making them a stunning combination of old and new.

You can also purchase a box of incense (1,430 yen), whose sticks have each been carefully designed to be shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head!

The boxes also have special Mickey Mouse designs and they come with a Mickey Mouse stand that will hold up the incense as it burns. For Disney fans with a mind for home purification or a personal family altar, these are a must.

These goods will only be sold on the 11th floor of the Odakyu Department Store in Shinjuku until September 6. Starting on September 1, though, you’ll also be able to find limited-edition goods featuring classic Disney movies, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of 101 Dalmations, the 70th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, and the 80th anniversary of Dumbo.

Dubbed the Disney Classics Market line, it’ll include this adorable Lady and the Tramp mug (1,870 yen)…

And a two-piece set of small plates decorated with 101 Dalmations art (2,200 yen).

These are all limited-edition goods that you won’t find anywhere else, so if you’re a Disney collector, you’ll want to make sure you snatch some up before they’re gone!

And don’t forget to book your photoshoot session in a Disney kimono. Word on the street is that a certain puppy-hating villain’s kimono is the best…but we could never pick our favorite.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times

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