They will deliver 12 bottles of Pocari Sweat plus 36 sachets of frozen drinks.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many who catch the virus but suffer less severe symptoms or are generally at lower risk are choosing to treat themselves at home. This lets those who are cohabiting stay isolated so that they don’t spread the virus to others, and also in theory leaves more hospital beds for anyone who desperately needs one.

Many of us can relate to the trials and tribulations of being stuck at home, especially when battling sickness at the same time. To this end, a surprising entity has stepped up to the plate to soothe the worries and anxieties of those who are self-treating: Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the company that makes the hydrating sports drink Pocari Sweat.

On September 5 they tweeted out this welcome message:

“To those of you having to treat yourselves at home,

We will deliver Pocari Sweat (12 900-milliliter [30.4-ounce] bottles of Pocari Sweat plus 36 100-gram [0.22-ounce] sachets of Pocari Sweat Ice Slurry) to anyone in need of hydration while isolating at home.

Please follow the link for more information:

Clicking through the link will bring you to a page with more information. The application window is from September 6 to September 17, with applications to be accepted from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. JST. Only one application may be made per household, and if they receive more applications than they have stock then the free Pocari Sweat shipments will be awarded by lottery.

Pocari Sweat is often recommended by medical professionals for cases of dehydration, as its balance of glucose and salt is actually more effective in rehydrating the body than plain water would be alone. Pocari Sweat is in especially high demand during the last waves of intense summer heat, and offering a free supply of not only the beverage but the hyper-cooling frozen version is guaranteed to be a great help to any number of households.

The replies to the tweet are filled with commendations for their kindness as well as pleas for a free package:

“My child is infected and I’m stuck in a room without any air-conditioning, just a fan. So I really want this…”
“This is why I love Otsuka Pharmaceuticals! I ignored a Coca-Cola vending machine today so I could go find one with Pocari. It’s really the best there is for dehydration.”
“I really hope this gets to those who need it most.”
“I drank it constantly after my second vaccination. I was running a 34-degree centigrade (100-degree Fahrenheit) fever for three days and I was tormented the whole time. It tasted even better than usual!”

For those of you who are negotiating self-quarantine yourselves, we have an article where we tried to puzzle out exactly what it means to self-isolate. And if you’re in need of Pocari Sweat’s free delivery, we wish you the best of luck in scoring a shipment of electrolyte-dense fluid. Stay safe and stay hydrated!

Top image: Pakutaso
Source: Twitter/@pocarisweat_jp via My Game News Flash
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