pocari sweat

Undertale’s Toby Fox composed the music for newest Japanese commercial for Pocari Sweat

Game developer collaborates with two Japanese artists for video with actress returning from last year’s amazing ad.

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Instagram ideals vs reality: “Boyfriend buys me Pocari Sweat” photo isn’t what it seems

Fashion model reveals the reality behind this image isn’t as romantic as it looks.

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Pocari Sweat offers free self-care packages for those battling COVID-19 at home

They will deliver 12 bottles of Pocari Sweat plus 36 sachets of frozen drinks.

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All heart, no CG in beautiful, mind-bending Pocari Sweat video【Video】

You might just shed a tear watching this amazing ad from Pocari Sweat.

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Sheltering-in-place Japanese schoolkids form “Neo-Chorus” choir to refresh our hearts【Video】

Pocari shows they’re the kings of both sports hydration and sentimentality — and want other school kids to get singing, too.

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Beautiful Japanese singer is still hot at 46: It must be all the Pocari Sweat!

We know how much you love reading about super-hot women in their forties who look like they’re in their twenties despite being busy mothers, or in some cases even grandmothers. So we thought you’d be interested in hearing about Japanese singer Chisato Moritaka, who is just as beautiful today at the age of 46 as she was way back in 1986 when she became the poster girl for the Pocari Sweat electrolyte drink.

But what’s her secret?

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Pocari Sweat sports drink aims to be the first beverage to land on the moon

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for…electrolytes?

The makers of Pocari Sweat, the unfortunately named Japanese sports drink with a salty flavor reminiscent of actual sweat, have just announced plans to launch the bottle beverage into space, hopefully making it the first drink to ever set foot bottle on the moon.

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