This guy looks like he could have been a hero in the real world already.

About a year ago, a Japanese man named Akihito started a stock photo website… hold on, we left out an important detail, so let’s try that again. About a year ago, an extremely muscular Japanese man named Akihito started a stock photo site.

The site, called Muscle Plus, is filled with free-to-use photos of buff guys, and not just snapshots of them working out in the gym. As a proper stock photo site, Muscle Plus provides images for a wide variety of settings and situations, and that, of course, means it needs to continually be adding new photos in order to keep up with social and cultural movements.

To that end, the latest update, which took place this month, adds all sorts of muscular-man photos in its new isekai/alternate world category.

If you’ve dipped your toes into the sea of anime and light novel releases over the past few years, odds are you’ve come across several in the isekai genre (“isekai” was, after all, the most common word in all light novel titles published last year).

In broad terms, the main character gets transported from our world to a fantasy realm, where adventure and romance ensue. The protagonist is usually an unextraordinary everyman before his interdimensional hop, but Muscle Plus asks what if, instead of a lethargic high school boy or burned out salaryman, a really, really ripped dude got isekai-ed?

It appears that the only thing our hero was able to take with him he was summoned to the isekai was his protein shake holder, which he can be seen offering in service to the kingdom here.

Although the obligatory weapon shop does seem to have an adjustable-weight dumbbell in stock, which he probably has some preexisting proficiency with.

Ultimately, though, it looks like he opts to equip himself with a variety of swords, which should be more effective when it comes time for him to fight the goblin horde, dragon, or demon lord that’s threatening the safety of the farmers, townspeople, and eventual members of the harem he’ll no doubt acquire during his quest.

Should his foes gathered at the castle gates prove impervious to bladed weapons, he can always try to intimidate them with some JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-style power poses.

And in time, it seems like he’ll become not just a hero, but a king.

Come to think of it, with anime and muscles already shown to be a winning combination, looking at these photos has us thinking it’s probably just a matter of time until “macho in another world” becomes its own isekai sub-genre.

Source: Muscle Plus via Livedoor News via Otakomu
Top image: Muscle Plus
Insert images: Muscle Plus (1, 2, 3, 4)
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