Add a bit of muscle to your Halloween with these hilarious stock images of buff men.

Halloween is just around the corner, and while it’s certainly celebrated here in Japan, for the most part Halloween is just an excuse to dress up and eat lots of candy. Most people are unaware of the history of the holiday, leaving a gap in the market for an entirely original Japanese Halloween story.

Luckily, the guys over at Muscle Plus have come up with an original spooky tale that everyone is sure to enjoy.

▼ Forget jack-o’-lantern, this guy is more like ‘jacked-o’-lantern’ with those pecs!

We’ve seen the gang at Muscle Plus before, when they wowed us with their buff physiques in mundane situations or unexpected settings.  Muscle Plus founder and photo model Akihito created the site to “add some macho spice to everyday life” by creating free stock images using exclusively muscular models.

This time, they’ve added a Halloween collection, just in time for the spooky holiday. While it’s unlikely that many people will find much use for these photos in real life, they certainly make for an entertaining story, so settle down, dim the lights, grab your favourite Halloween snack and prepare to be dazzled with this spooky yet muscular tale.

The photo story starts with buff model Sosuke, playing an angel, scouting the outside of a mansion.

▼ Seemingly unaware of the open door behind him, the angel attempts to enter the mansion by pushing a wall.

▼ Once he successfully breaches the mansion and makes it inside, we catch a glimpse of the hero’s adversary in the story.

▼ It’s a jack-o’-lantern who, in keeping with the true spirit of Macho Plus, is topless. (But also wearing a trench coat to keep things spooky.)

▼ Upon seeing his rival, the angel immediately drops to the floor in an attempt to escape.

▼ But the angel’s crawling, while undeniably macho, is in vain as the jack-o’-lantern quickly catches up to him.

▼ Is it all over for our muscular hero? Has the jack-o’-lantern overwhelmed him with the raw power of his bare chest?

▼ Of course not! The angel attempts to defeat the jack-o’-lantern in the most macho way possible — with a protein shake tumbler.

▼ But it’s not enough, and the angel must look for another way to defeat his rival, so he reaches for his shiny magic wand, which is conveniently nearby.

▼ With the power of muscle and magic on his side, the angel turns the tide of the battle and defeats his pumpkin-faced opponent!

▼ The story has a happy ending, as both the angel and the jack-o’-lantern sit down and enjoy a celebratory Halloween feast together. While flexing, of course.

While the story finishes with the two rivals breaking bread over a meal, it leaves enough mystery to keep you guessing as well — how did the angel and jack-o’-lantern become enemies in the first place? Who is the man behind the pumpkin mask? If the jack-o’-lantern eats a slice of pumpkin pie, is it cannibalism?

This is a story we hope will transcend the ages as the ultimate Japanese Halloween story. It’s got everything — a hero with flaws that we can all rally behind, a mysterious villain with motives unknown, an epic battle between good and evil and a heartwarming ending.

And of course, there’s plenty of muscle, which is always a plus.

Source: Muscle Plus via PR Times
Featured image: Muscle Plus

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