Limited-edition collection takes our taste buds on a trip to the Big Apple. 

Last year, McDonald’s surprised its customers in Japan with a new series of burgers called “Itta Ki Ni Naru N.Y. Burgers“ (“I Feel Like I Went to N.Y. Burgers“). The unusual square-shaped burgers were designed to take our taste buds on a trip to the Big Apple, at a time when there were still restrictions on international travel, and they proved to be so popular that they’re making a return this year, with a new lineup of fillings.

▼ The new range is called “Come on Baby! N.Y. Burgers“, and there are three varieties to choose from.

Just as the marketing graphics resemble classic American comics, the burgers themselves represent classic American dishes. The N.Y. Buffalo Chicken, for instance, combines juicy, spicy thigh meat, crunchy lettuce, pickles, and a slightly sweet mayo sauce. The crispy battered chicken patty is seasoned with two types of chilli peppers to give it a smoky flavor, and is made from a single thigh for extra juiciness.

▼ A burger inspired by New York’s famous buffalo chicken, this one retails for 460 yen (US$3.07).

The N.Y. Thick Beef and Potato (530 yen) delivers the delicious flavours of an all-American burger and fries in every mouthful. The addition of smoky bacon and rich cheddar cheese helps to complement the big beef patty, while the tomato-based beef gravy sauce, which contains garlic and onions, helps to give this one its own unique addictiveness.

Finally, the N.Y. Deli Shrimp Tartar (490 yen) combines crunchy lettuce and tomato with a plump shrimp cutlet and special tartar sauce. Lemon and three types of herbs — basil, rosemary, and thyme — are added to onions and salted olives to make the refreshingly tart sauce, creating an “exquisite harmony” between the main ingredients.

The new burgers will be accompanied by a new Shaka Shaka Fries seasoning pack, Three Cheese, which contains three kinds of richly flavoured powders, Emmental cheese, Parmesan cheese, and cream cheese to bring out the deliciousness of the potato.

▼ Kinda like cheesy fries, but in powdered form, priced at 40 yen per sachet with a purchase of fries.

As is often the case with new releases, this limited-edition lineup comes with its very own marketing campaign, including this 30-second commercial below.

If you’re like us and have the “Come on Baby! New York Burgers” jingle now stuck in your head, you’ll be grateful to know it’s not too long until the series is released, with the on-sale date set for 25 October.

If the newly evolved New York burgers are as good as the ones we tried last year, we’ll be singing “Come on Baby! New York Burgers” all the way through until the campaign finishes at the end of November.

Source, images: Press release
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