And the best part? You don’t even need a Ticket to Ride to get it!

Japan Airlines (JAL) recently announced that, in celebration of the airline’s 70th anniversary, they will be re-releasing a special limited edition happi, the traditional cotton jackets that Japanese people tend to wear at local festivals.

On the surface, JAL’s dark blue and white happi with the company name stitched on the front and ‘kotobuki‘ (congratulations/celebration) in red on the back seems pretty tame compared to some other happi we’ve seen — is this really what they want to sell to promote 70 years in the business?

However, this particular happi is sure to have fans of a certain Fab Four reaching for their wallets; John, Paul, George and Ringo — a.k.a the Beatles — famously stepped off an airplane wearing the very same happi back in 1966, when they visited Japan to play Tokyo’s Budokan.

▼ The image of the four of them stepping off the plane in their happi remains iconic to this day.

The happi was originally gifted to VIP passengers from all over the world travelling on JAL, but was eventually discontinued. It was re-released back in 2016 for a limited time, but only for customers flying between London and Tokyo, and what’s more, customers had to fly first class if they wanted to get the fabled happi for themselves.

Thankfully, it’s much easier for Fab Four fans to get the replica happi this time, as it is available to buy for 6,380 yen (US$57), which is much cheaper than an international first class ticket.

▼ The happi is one-size-fits-all, 86 centimetres (34 inches) by 68 centimetres (27 inches).

If you’re a fan of the Fab Four and want to get a replica of a piece of Beatles history, the happi can be ordered through JAL’s online shop here. And in a country that loves the Beatles as much as Japan does — go to karaoke with a group of older Japanese men and one of them is guaranteed to put in a Beatles song or two. Be sure to get your hands on a happi before it’s time to say Hello, Goodbye to them once more, and if you want to show your true worth as a Beatles fan, maybe you can wear it at this cafe that John Lennon once visited!

Source: JAL via Japaaan
Images: JAL
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