Japanese Twitter users surprised to learn that “Yoko Ono-ing” is a verb in English

”As a Japanese person, it’s not something I can feel proud about,” says commenter as British royal family shakeup teaches English vocabulary.

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Paul McCartney cancels Japan tour due to illness, netizens realize just how often it happens

Recent news of Paul McCartney canceling his Out There Japan Tour 2014 has Japanese fans a little upset, not because they won’t be able to hear “Eight Days a Week” in person, but because of just how often the singer/songwriter/legend doesn’t follow through. Even Paul admits how cool everyone’s been about the canceled concerts, stating, “I’d like to thank my Japanese fans for their love, messages of support and understanding.” Because who can blame the guy, when you’re sick you’re sick, right? And tickets are being refunded, the most expensive of which cost a whopping 100,000 yen (US$984). But it isn’t his sudden illness that has fans outraged, it’s a single photo that’s been floating around on the internet, showing that Paul has canceled on the country of Japan 51 percent of the time.

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Japanese man’s heartwarming rendition of the Beatles’ classic “Redditit Be”

Way back in 2011, a mild mannered guitarist using the handle Astroboy15ify posted a video of him playing “Let It Be” on YouTube. There it sat for years until being unearthed by netizens now spreading this man’s truly unique vocal stylings all over the internet.

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