And yes, there’s a Japanese pun involved.

Japan is completely unabashed in its love of puns, animals, and cuteness. So when one company realized it had the chance to make a cute animal pun, you’d better believe they took it.

First, let’s talk about this piece of traditional Japanese furniture.

This kind of low table, meant to be used while sitting on the floor, Japanese-style, is called a chabudai. What if, though, you were to change the first two letters from ch to ny? Then you’d have a “nyabudai,” a table with a dash of “nya,” the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat’s meow.

Silly joke? Sure, but it’s also a solid foundation for some adorable furniture.

Necorepa, the lifestyle brand of Japanese rescue cat cafe and adoption organization Neco Republic, wants to add a dash of cat-cuteness to your meal/tea times, and so it’s now offering the nyabudai for sale in three different patterns: calico (“mike”), bicolor (“hachiware”), and white cat/solid (“shironeko”).

At 56 centimeters (22 inches) across and 32 centimeters high, it’s compact enough to work with any interior, and you can also fold up the legs and stow it someplace out of the way if you want when you’re not using it. Those dimensions mean it’s basically a one-person table, but if you’re eating with your special feline friend, there’s also a cat-sized version called the nyabon!

This smaller table is 40 centimeters wide and 8 high, putting whatever tasty treats are on it at an easy height for your pet to enjoy.

Of course, you can use the nyabon for your own stuff too, provided you get your cat’s permission (although, as many cat owners will tell you, “provided you get your cat’s permission” goes without saying for just about anything you want to do in the home your cat allows you to share with it).

▼ The nyabon comes in the same three patterns as the nyabudai.

In addition to being collapsible, both tables also have a strap attached to their edge for easy carrying, should you feel like taking it with you to the park for a picnic and subsequent cat nap.

▼ The nyabon, pictured here, weighs 1.2 kilograms (2.6 pounds) and the nyabudai 3.125 kilograms.

Pre-orders have started bot both designs through the Necorepa online store, with the nyabudai (here) price at 16,900 yen (US$155) and the Nyabon (here) at 11,400 yen. Shipping is scheduled for late December/early January, so yours should arrive just in time for you to sit at it while sipping some hot tea and wearing your Japanese cat cuddle coat.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Pakutaso, PR Times
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