There’s no better place to take grooming cues than from the pet world.

Japanese brand Felissimo has carved out a kitty-shaped niche in the retail industry over the years, bringing out all types of cat-themed products we never knew we needed, like kitty kimonos, feline fortune cookies, and soundless kitten slippers.

One of our favourite collections from Felissimo, however, is their range of cat-inspired beauty products, which has captured the scent of a cat’s forehead and lip gloss that feels like you’ve just kissed a kitten’s nose. So when we heard the beauty range had now expanded to include a new hair product, our ears immediately pricked up at the prospect of adding a new kitten to our grooming routine.

▼ Say “meow” to the Kushi Kushi Grooming 3-D Styling Hair Gel.

In Japanese, “kushi kushi” is onomatopoeia for combing, and this new product encourages you to do exactly that, as it’s designed to be combed through your hair with your fingers, in the same way a cat would run its paw through its fur while grooming.

▼ Like kitty saliva for your hair!

As we all know, cats lick their paws to create their own natural gel when cleaning themselves, and the Kushi Kushi Hair Gel has 13 different kinds of naturally derived oils, so you too can add moisture and gloss to your hair.

▼ Unlike kitty, though, you’ll only have to groom once a day, as the gel keeps your style set from morning to night.

The gel itself is designed to smooth itself out after being used, so even after dipping your finger in it, the surface will be nice and flat next time you go to use it.

The hair gel comes in two different fragrances: Whiteflower, which contains the scent of magnolia, lily of the valley, white roses and vanilla.

And Pear and Peach, which contains the scent of pears, peaches, dragonfruit, jasmine, and rose.

Both gels can be ordered online for worldwide delivery from Felissimo for 1,100 yen (US$10.11). As always, a portion of the money earned from sales will go towards the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and provide assistance to foster pet programs, so while you’re setting your hair you might want to moisturise your hands with cream that smells like cats’ paws too.

Source, images: PR Times
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