Real life Baby Driver! Taxi driver speeds Japanese Twitter user’s pregnant wife to hospital

Anyone would be excited for the birth of their own child, but this taxi driver elevated the special event into a scene worthy of an action movie.

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Japanese taxis now being driven by ninja, bodyguards armed with concealed water pistols

Two awesome reasons to skip Japan’s train network and take a taxi instead.

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Tokyo taxi company openly appeals to hand fetishist women with photos of drivers’ wrists

While the drivers’ have their eyes on the road, some ladies in the back seat have their eyes on his capable hands.

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Kabuki stagehand taxi service starts, offers silent cab drivers that’ll give you a story to tell

With their drivers’ faces hidden, these taxis are a peek into Japanese theater culture.

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Tokyo taxi driver violently assaulted by Tokyo taxi company president

Professional courtesy takes a back seat in shoe-throwing street fight.

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Exasperated Tokyoite can’t escape Halloween, discovers Halloween personified in his taxi driver

It’s been almost one week since Halloween has come and gone, but one holiday story is still making Japanese internet users smile.

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Tokyo’s new pre-fixed taxi fare smartphone service reduces the guess work of travelling by cab

Program starts field test this month.

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Kyoto taxi operator starts “Silence Taxi” service, prohibits drivers from instigating small talk

Taxis in Japan’s most refined city seek to minimize unpleasant, awkward conversations.

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Japan introduces new maternity taxi service in Tohoku to help pregnant women

Iwate Prefecture is the latest region to receive a designated maternity taxi service, in a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular around Japan.

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Traveling in Tokyo? You can start enjoying cheaper taxi rides as of today!

New pricing system makes some taxi rides over 40 percent less expensive than they used to be.

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Japan’s vaunted taxi service to be offered to dogs and cats with new Pet Taxis

System allows for pets to ride with their owners or by themselves.

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Anime taxi cab enters service on streets of Tokyo, just in time for Japan’s biggest manga event

There’s no more appropriate way to get from your hotel to Comiket than this.

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Tokyo’s tea taxis will serve you a cold drink while giving you a lift this summer

Suntory is adding even more hospitality to Japan’s famously classy cabs.

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Napping taxi drivers in Tokyo become the subject of UK photographer’s work【Photos】

Check out these drowsy drivers catching 40 winks during a typical day in Japan’s busiest city.

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Try traditional Japanese yabusame horseback archery from the back of a moving taxi in Yokohama

For two days only, you’ll be able to try your hand at “Taxi Yabusame”, which involves hitting nine targets from the backseat of a cab.

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Panda Taxi Company supports local zoo with half the revenue from its cute new vehicle

Riding a panda has never been more charitable.

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Nintendo taxis?! Peruvian cabs outfitted with Mario Kart 8 setups for rear passengers to play

Japanese taxis are pretty nice. They’ve got those cool doors that swing open and shut at the touch of a button, and the lace doilies they usually have across the rear parcel shelf add a nice touch of class.

Still, we’re finding ourselves feeling a little jealous of taxi patrons in Peru, where one company isn’t just providing swift transportation, but entertainment with a fleet of cabs equipped with Nintendo Wii U game consoles for passengers to play in the back seat during their ride.

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Cosplaying taxis with monster drivers to offer free rides to cosplayers in Shibuya this Halloween

Halloween in Japan keeps getting bigger and better every year, with cosplayers coming out in droves to celebrate the world of costumes and make-believe. This time around, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is joining the fun with a fleet of taxis dressed up in Halloween costumes, complete with “monster drivers” behind the wheel.

The monsters and their vehicles will be helping fellow ogres and ghouls by offering free rides to people in costume in the Shibuya area on October 29 and 31. What’s more, the unusual vans promise to be so spacious, they’ll accommodate any type of outfit you’re wearing!

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Taxi driver’s tip to stay safe: “The one thing you should say if you run into yakuza”

When one of our Japanese-language reporters stepped into a taxi the other day, the driver suddenly turned to him and asked, “Sir, do you know what you should say if you have a run in with some yakuza?”

Our man was a bit taken aback by the sudden question out of nowhere, but he answered, “Shouldn’t you say you’ll call the police?”

“That’s the usual response, but there’s an even better one,” the driver replied. He then proceeded to share a bit of advice which an actual yakuza whom he had once driven had secretly shared with him. 

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The surprisingly soothing tranquility of Japanese taxi drivers waiting for passengers 【Video】

If you’ve ever toured a factory or seen a video of one operating, you know there’s something entrancingly soothing about seeing sophisticated machinery in action. Taking a human-designed process and repeating it with such unswerving coordination can make it feel as natural and calming as sitting beside a lake while watching the waves lap the same spot on the shore over and over.

But it’s not just machines that can perform a routine with such precision as to impart a sense of reassuring inevitability, as shown by this video of taxi cab line protocol in Japan.

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