Mokotanmen Nakamoto’s owner is considered a hot ramen chef by multiple definitions, but can Mr. Sato borrow his style?

Usually, the audio landscape of SoraNews24 is made up of the staccato striking of keys as our staff type up their reports. But on this day, the clacking of keys was repeatedly interrupted by the sighs of team member P.K. Sanjun. “I just can’t get anything started today,” P.K. moaned, pushing his chair away from his desk and his half-finished article draft.

▼ P.K. and his palpable ennui

With his chair in the middle of the office, P.K. was like a sailor in a ship with a broken mast, adrift in a sea of despair. And when someone in the office is in such dire straits, our crack reporter Mr. Sato knows it’s time for him to spring into action.

▼ “Hey, P.K., why the loooooong face?”

▼ “Mr. Sato…I’m totally wiped out…and I don’t have the energy for whatever half-baked scheme you’ve got semi-planned…”

▼ “Hahaha good one, young P.K.! But there’s no need to be so salty. At times like this, ya gotta stay positive, just like my role model! Come with me, and I’ll show you.”

After heading down to the first floor, Mr. Sato exited the building and started walking towards the more developed part of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood.

After a few blocks, he stopped abruptly and said “Here’s where my role model is.”

P.K. was confused. That’s not an unusual reaction to Mr. Sato’s “great ideas,” but this was especially baffling, because the place they’d stopped was in front of a ramen restaurant. “So, where’s your role model?” P.K. asked, to which Mr. Sato proudly replied “Right over there” while gesturing at the restaurant’s sign.

That guy on the right is Makoto Shirane, owner of popular spicy ramen chain Mokotanmen Nakamoto. Shirane’s coolly confident photo can be seen at the entrance to just about all his restaurants, and his presence always fills Mr. Sato with both a sense of calm and the belief that he can do whatever he sets his mind to.

▼ “Thank you, Mr. Shirane,” Mr. Sato said, while bowing in deep respect.

▼ “So are you going to introduce me to him?”

▼ “Huh? No. I’ve never even met him myself. I just like the photo.”

▼ “Wha- are you crazy! I can’t get inspired just looking at a photo of someone!”

▼ “Oh, so a picture’s no good, huh?”

And with that, Mr. Sato started running…and ran all the way to Shinjuku hair salon Ashuley (the same salon that turned one of our reporters into Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio a few months ago).

“Turn me into Makoto Shirane, please!” Mr. Sato politely asked his stylist, Kazuki Suzuki, who promptly got to work bleaching, coloring, cutting, and styling our reporter’s hair.

From start to finish, it took about three and a half hours, and when it was done…

…Mr. Sato definitely looked the part!

Back in the office, Mr. Sato wasted no time trying to fire up his coworkers with his fiery hair and professional passion.

▼ “Come on, guys, you got this!”

We have to admit, his hair does look good like this, but morale would have undoubtedly been boosted even higher if he’d also brought back ramen for everyone to eat.

Still, it’s the thought that counts, and we were all touched by his gesture, even if we didn’t entirely understand it.

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