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Can a Tokyo hair salon give us the hair of the city’s most handsome ramen chef?【Photos】

Mokotanmen Nakamoto’s owner is considered a hot ramen chef by multiple definitions, but can Mr. Sato borrow his style?

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We’re not sure if we should laugh or cry at this hairstylist’s striking hair tattoo of Trump

Now customers can rest easy knowing the President of the United States will always be on the back of their mind.

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Are Japan’s Three Bs actually bad boyfriend material? We find out!

Forget space or the deep seas, when it comes to human exploration, dating is the real final frontier. You never know where you might find that special someone–it could be in a club, at school, or even on the train. But conventional wisdom–in Japan at least–says that women should avoid dating these three types of men: Band members, bartenders, and hair stylists (biyoushi, in Japanese).

Now, it’s easy to imagine why so many might believe these Three Bs might be filled with the very baddest of bad boys–after all, what’s sexier than a guitarist who can mix a drink and do your hair? But how do Japanese men in these professions feel about their reputations? Find out below!

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