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Tokyo hair salon offers free cuts to anime fans whose 2-D crush fell in love with someone else

Start the next chapter of your love life, real-world or otherwise, with a new hairdo from the Heartbreak Salon.

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Let’s go get a haircut at Tokyo’s anime otaku hair salon【Photos】

Akihabara’s awesome Off Kai is a hair salon by otaku and for otaku, and SoraNews24 stopped by for a trim.

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Give yourself a Japanese head spa at home with this nifty gadget from the 100 yen store

We tried out the portable sparkling head spa and now we can’t ever go back to normal hair washing again.

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Mr. Sato gets his bush trimmed at a fancy Tokyo hair salon【Photos】

”I have a good reason for doing this,” our reporter insisted as he stepped out the door wearing his camouflage foliage suit.

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Exchange student goes to Japanese salon for the first time, comes out totally transformed!【Video】

When visiting or moving to another country, usually eating local food and going sightseeing is par for the course, but sometimes just doing everyday things the local way can be rewarding. After all, if you’re already taking the plunge to change your surroundings, it’s the perfect time to re-invent yourself, too.

This is exactly how one Australian felt after a trip to a Japanese hair salon with friends, which he learned was a surprisingly different experience than getting a shampoo and cut back home.

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