Kicking the year off right with a Cup Noodle extravaganza!

As Christmas gathers up its sack of presents and disappears over the horizon, it’s time to look forward to another set of presents in Japan, in the form of fukubukuro “lucky bags“, which are sold during New Year.

These fukubukuro contain a wide variety of popular goods, all packaged up in a bag and with a price tag that’s less than the value of the items inside. People usually line up outside stores to get their hands on these bags, but in light of the continuing pandemic, some retailers have opted to make their fukubukuro available online, packing them up in boxes and giving rise to the new trend of “fukubako” or “lucky box“.

Cup Noodle creator Nissin is one such company sending out fukubako to customers this year, and we were lucky enough to purchase one of the sought-after boxes, which are dubbed “Tenkomori Sets“, with “tenkomori” translating to a “heap” or bowlful”.

▼ The Tenkomori Set cost us 5,012 yen (US$43.80) plus shipping.

▼ Look at what’s inside!

You get a lot of noodles for your yen here, so let’s take a closer look at all the products we received.

Cup Noodle Chili TomatoCup Noodle MisoCup Noodle Fragrant Coriander Tom Yum GoongCup Noodle European Cheese CurryCup Noodle SeafoodCup Noodle

Nissin Donbei Duck Dashi SobaNissin Donbei Tempura Soba (East)Nissin Donbei Kitsune Udon (East)

Nissin Yakisoba UFONissin Yakisoba UFO Dark Chilli Oil with Mayo Soy Sauce Mix Soba

Nissin Zettai Umaiyatsu Soy Sauce Back Fat Three-Meal PackNissin Zettai Umaiyatsu Green Onion Salt Three-Meal PackNissin Rao Medium Fine Noodles for Nabe Two-Meal PackNissin Rao Miso Five-Meal Pack Nabe Rao PackageChicken Ramen Five-Meal Pack

Nissin Keema Curry Rice SpicyNissin Curry Rice Beef

Gojiai Potage Creamy Tomato

Nissin Rao No Broth Dan Dan Noodles

Nissin Edo SobaNissin Men Shokunin Thick Black Vinegar Hot and Sour Noodles

Hiyoko-chan Melamine cup x 2

Hiyoko-chan Calendar, featuring Chicken Ramen mascot Hiyoko-chan (“Chick”)

▼ A Hiyoko-chan-themed Sugoroku (a traditional Japanese board game) is also included on the back of the calendar.

While we were blown away by all the noodles we received in our set, there was something about this gorgeous calendar that stole our hearts with its sweetness.

▼ It’s made even more special by the fact that you can’t buy this calendar in stores.

And as if all these exciting goods weren’t enough, we also received a 1,000-yen discount coupon to use on future purchases.

That means our instant meal haul came to a total of 4,012 yen plus shipping, making it an incredible deal. Unfortunately, though, the deal is so good that all these fukubako are now sold out, so if you’d like to snare one for yourself next year, be sure to check the Nissin site from mid-December for announcements.

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