We did it!

Late last year, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida addressed the nation and talked about various measure to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He not only discussed measures to prevent the spread of the virus but also ways to mitigate its effect on the economy.

It was then that he issued an urgent call to arms that may define his entire term as Prime Minister…in my mind at least.

“I am asking the people of Japan to use milk in cooking and to drink cups of milk always through the New Year’s holiday in order to prevent a mass disposal.”

According to the prime minister’s plea, the milk producers of Japan were sitting on a huge 5,000-ton glut of white crude caused mainly by canceled school lunches throughout the pandemic. If this milk could find no home, it would have to be spilled, and despite our best efforts to tell people not to, some were sure to cry over it.

Online reaction to the news was initially lukewarm, with many demanding they lower the price first or just use it to make butter and yogurt. However, it turned out the silent majority had stepped up and drank milk like there was no tomorrow, because on 12 January the Japan Dairy Association, also known as J-Milk, announced that the crisis had been adverted and the mass disposal milk was no longer necessary. And since kids have recently gone back to school after the holidays, the demand for milk as a part of their lunches has returned to its normal balance.

▼ J-Milk issued a thank you to the entire country for the support.

Image: J-Milk

In addition, it turned out that the dairy industry was indeed going full-tilt to process as much of the milk as possible into products like butter and cheese. So we should give them all a big hand for their roles too, especially if it results in some cheaper stuff from them down the line.

We all worked hard. How about some butter sushi for everyone?

Image: ©SoraNews24

Many of the cynical online comments attached to the initial news of the surplus seem to have given way to sighs of relief and people declaring that they had pitched in over the holidays.

“I was a little worried and bought an extra carton over the holidays. I’m glad it worked out!”
“I like Lawson hot milks, but could only drink about a liter myself.”
“Great! My kids love milk so I bought a lot at the end of the year.”
“My whole family likes milk so we got more than usual and drank it all when we got together.”
“I drank so much milk.”
“Happy Nyu Year! [‘gyunyu’ is the Japanese word for cow’s milk]
“I don’t drink milk but I put it in my coffee so I’m grateful for this.”

I too did my part for the cause by having a large box of The Elf on the Shelf cereal airlifted in, and many a crepe was made throughout the holidays as well. I even took to dunking my Oreos in tall glasses of milk, which was difficult as I converted to eating them exclusively in spam-Oreo sandwiches back in 2020.

It goes to show that we all have to make sacrifices sometimes, but when the chips are down and the challenge is mildly enjoyable, together we really can make a difference.

Source: FNN, Hachima Kiko
Top image: ©SoraNews24
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