Figure maker Kotobukiya transforms the cartoon rivals into some very unexpected forms.

As one of Japan’s leading anime figure makers, announcing a new recreation of a character is all in a day’s work for Kotobukiya. And given the aesthetics popular among otaku, it’s also not a shock that it’s newest figure has “Bishoujo,” the Japanese word for “beautiful girl,” as part of its name.

But what is a surprise is that Kotobukiya’s new figure is named Bishoujo Convoy, and while that name might initially sound like it’s representing some sort of harem series, the truth is that Convoy is the name used in Japan for Optimus Prime, leader of the forces of good in the Transformers franchise.

Yes, the latest muse for Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo figure line is none other than the transforming big rig/big robot who commands the Autobots as they raise the battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons. As strange as the concept may be, Kotobukiya’s designers really have adapted a number of Optimus’ distinctive visual traits to an anime girl character design.

▼ Unpainted prototype of the Transformers Optimus Prime Bishoujo Statue

For starters, the figure’s footwear has wheels on the outer edges, just like the ones above Optimus’ ankles when he transforms into robot mode.

Instead of a cargo trailer, Bishoujo Optimus Prime has a wheeled suitcase, decked out with the Autobot insignia, and the sunglasses she sports pushed up on her forehead evoke the robot’s eyes and crest-like forehead machinery protrusion. Another important accessory is hanging from her neck, where Bishoujo Optimus is rocking the Matrix of Leadership, and the untucked strands of hair sticking up at the base of her buns are a calculated callback to the robot’s paired antennas.

Even the pose Bishoujo Optimus is striking is aimed at old school Transformers fans’ nostalgia receptors. According to Kotobukiya, “You can’t talk about Optimus Prime without bringing up his signature line, ’I’ve got an idea.’ We designed Optimus in a reliable and heroic pose, standing tall while raising his finger in the air.”

▼ Moments like this were the inspiration.

Of course, you also can’t talk about Optimus Prime without bringing up his nemesis, Megatron, and so Kotobukiya is also working on a Transformers Megatron Bishojo Statue to stand in opposition to Optimus.

While there’s no prototype for the Megatron figure yet, Kotobukiya is clearly committed to putting just as much care into it as the Optimus one. “Even though he’s the supreme leader of the Decepticons, Megatron is surprisingly cooler and a lot more lenient to his subordinates than you’d initially expect,” explains the company, adding that they “definitely wanted to have her hold the Fusion Cannon in her right hand, so we explored various poses while keeping in mind how she would look like alongside Optimus Prime.”

▼ Though their appearances have changed, their personalities seem to be the same as ever.

▼ In retrospect, considering that Kotobukiya has also turned Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Pennywise into Bishoujo figures, perhaps we should have been braced for something like this.

As is often the case with high-profile but niche figures, it’s going to be a while before these are in customers’ hands, with Kotobukiya currently listing them as only “on sale in 2023,” with pre-orders scheduled to open this summer, and pricing yet to be announced. In their finished state, Bishoujo Optimus and Megatron will be pre-painted PVC figures, and while size specs haven’t been revealed, Kotobukiya is designating them as “1/7 scale.” We’re assuming that means 1/7 the height of an average Japanese woman, which would be about 23 centimeters (9.1 inches), and not 1/7 the height of Optimus and Megatron in their giant robot forms.

Source: Kotobukiya via IT Media
Top image: YouTube/KOTOBUKIYA TV
Insert images: YouTube/KOTOBUKIYA TV, Kotobukiya
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