Say “no more” to waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat.

Japanese company Thanko–yes, the company that brought us one-person bento box rice cookers, a device to help you play smartphones games on the train, and more–has come up with yet another genius invention to beat the rapidly rising heat.

▼ Introducing: The Fanneru.

The Fanneru, a combination of “fan” and “neru“, the Japanese word for “sleep”, is a super-ventilated futon blanket with two built-in fans (perhaps not coincidentally, fanneru is also the Japanese pronunciation of the word “funnel”). Thanko wanted to solve the problem many have of waking up in the middle of the night to let built-up heat escape, only to get chilly again and have to fully cover up. This solves both problems with no effort on your part!

▼ No more sleeping with the air conditioner on with these babies.

Along with the two built-in fans, the Fanneru includes a remote so you can operate the fans without having to sit up. You can set the fans to three different strengths, and it even comes with a timer function in case you tend to regularly get chilly at certain points in the night.

▼ Less sweating means less dehydration

The Fanneru also has six air vents on the inner layer, so even if you don’t have the fan on, you’ll still let all that hot air out, and the outer material of the futon blanket is cool to the touch and fast-drying. One of the best parts is that it’s fully machine washable (with the exception of the fans, of course) for easy cleaning!

Thanko’s Fanneru is available now on their online shop for 9,800 yen (US$76.29). It may seem a bit more expensive than the average blanket, but if you use this instead of leaving your air conditioner on all night, it basically pays for itself. Just make sure you decide quickly, though, because they’ve already sold out once! And when summer is finally over and the seasonal allergies kick back in, there’s gear for that, too. Thanks, Thanko!

Source and images: PR Wire
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