They’re the exact same size as the 1994 game-changer.

For anyone who was a gamer in the ‘90s, as well as more recently born fans of retro games with suitably sophisticated tastes, it’s hard not to smile when you see an original-generation PlayStation. As one of the first mainstream CD-specific consoles, it combined a look that was high-tech and cool, yet also playful and inviting.

The console’s color scheme and distinctive clamshell cover are instantly recognizable, but if you thought the picture above is of a PlayStation, you’re actually only half-right, because that’s not just a PlayStation, but a PlayStation pouch!

▼ Paired with some actual PlayStation controllers, the illusion is even more convincing.

The attention to detail is impressive, as even the color of the green LED power indicator is faithfully reproduced.

The zippered pouch measures 26.5 centimeters (10.4 inches) long by 18.5 wide and 5 high…or, in other words, the exact same size as a PlayStation, as you can see when they’re placed side by side.

Pull the PlayStation icon-adorned tabs around, and you’ll find the PS logo patterned across the liner, plus an interior zippered pocket.

▼ You could fit a PS Vita and a PSP in there.

In addition to the blue liner, there’s also a black version (not to be confused with the black-case Net Yaroze PS1 developer consoles).

The pouches aren’t being offered by Sony directly, but rather magazine publisher Takarajimasha. In Japan, it’s not uncommon for publishers to release single-issue magazines with a focus on photos, sort of like soft-cover coffee table books, that come bundled with some sort of fashion item. Oftentimes it’s the extra item that buyers really want, and that seems to be what Takarajimasha is expecting here, since while the pouch does come in a bundle with a magazine about the history of the PlayStation, it’s the pouch that they’re showing off in previews.

The Actual-Size First-Generation PlayStation Multi-Pouch, in all of its hyphenated glory, is priced at 2,068 yen (US$16), which includes the book, and goes on sale June 13. The blue version will be sold at convenience stores and the black at book shops and online marketplaces, but both colors can be ordered directly though Takarajimasha’s online store as (blue here, black here).

Source: Sony via IT Media
Images: Sony
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