In the ocean, in a rice field, on a farm…these beer gardens take outdoor bars to a whole new level!

One of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather after a cold winter and chilly spring is to go to a Japanese beer garden, savoring summer at a rooftop or outdoor bar/restaurant. Every year tons of options pop up, but there might not be any quite like the new beer gardens just opening at four popular resorts across Japan. White sand beaches, rice paddies brimming with greenery, peaceful farms…What better places to enjoy a cold one?

Risonare Resorts, which has five luxury resorts in some of Japan’s best travel spots, makes it their mission to bring out the charms of each locale, and they’ve really upped their game with the addition of these new beer gardens. Their Kohama Island resort, for example, which is on an island in southwest Okinawa Prefecture, has tables and chairs sitting right in the crystal clear waters of the ocean.

As you feel the cool water roll over your feet and gaze out to the expanse of the blue sky, you can sample Okinawan craft beer and try local foods like goya chips, made from Okinawa’s famous bitter melon.

More beach vibes can be found at the beer garden in the beach resort area of Atami just a short bullet train ride from Tokyo. Located in Sorano Beach Books & Cafe on the top floor of the resort, it offers a splendid view of the sparkling blue waters of Sagami Bay from a can-themed interior featuring can-shaped tables and chairs.

Shizuoka Prefecture, which Atami is inside of, has a famous craft beer scene, and you’ll of course get to sample some of those as well as the area’s major product, canned foods. But perhaps the highlight is the beer and canned food that comes in original Risonare Atami cans, which may be tempting to keep as a souvenir of your stay.

The resort’s Nasu location, northeast of Tokyo at the foot of Mt. Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture, is where you can get your fill of the Japanese countryside. Their beer garden is located in the center of a rice farm bordered by mountains so you can fully enjoy the classic “satoyama” beauty of Japan.

The Nasu beer garden also offers local craft beers like Nasu Kogen Beer and NASU de SUNA, and a sampling of seasonal vegetable pickles harvested from the resort’s garden.

If a taste of farm life is what you fancy–but with more animals and fewer crops–then you’ll probably enjoy the Risonare Tomamu beer garden, which is located on the expansive grounds of an animal farm in the heart of Hokkaido.

The beer garden there has worked out a special partnership with a local brewery to offer five different kinds of craft beers, and for food, there are delicious options like cheesy french fries and an original recipe for tokibi, which is what they call corn in Hokkaido.

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to enjoy the sunshine and warmth of summer this year, you’ll definitely want to book a stay at one of these resorts, since their beer gardens are only open for resort guests. Naturally, you’ll want to book for good weather, so maybe wait until the rainy season is over before you go. But if you’re itching to travel now, check out this list of destinations that are beautiful even on rainy days. Really, Japan has no shortage of beautiful destinations!

Source, images: @Press
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