Tokyo’s “uncool” neighbor launches foreigner-friendly travel support site with free online help

Only 1 in 100 international travelers visits Saitama, something this new project, with free in-English help over the phone or Internet, wants to change.

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There’s more to do than just look at the flowers at Tokyo’s biggest riverside sakura celebration

If you’re in Tokyo, take a day to immerse yourself in the Edo period atmosphere during one of these events while enjoying the cherry blossoms.

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Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route Newport sandals released by Keen

Part of the proceeds goes to preserving the World Heritage Site.

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Kimono snowboarder captivates Internet with awesome Coming of Age Day video【Video】

Kyoto college student shows us how awesome furisode look on the ski slopes.

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The 2022 Soraniwa Music Festival: A day of music, laughter, and family atmosphere

After previously taking part in all kinds of prep work, Seiji finally experiences the culmination of his fellow team members’ hard work and dreams.

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Elevate your summer with local beer while immersed in nature at these unique resort beer gardens

In the ocean, in a rice field, on a farm…these beer gardens take outdoor bars to a whole new level!

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Don’t let the rain get you down! Here are Japan’s top 10 most beautiful rainy day travel spots

Beautiful landscapes, charming towns, peaceful gardens…you’ll find it all on this list!

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No rice cooker needed! How to make an entire gyudon beef bowl in a single mess tin【Recipe】

An outdoor cooking recipe that’s too good to wait until your next camping trip to try.

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Daiso sells “emergency shelters,” and they have an amazing visual trick【Photos】

There’s a big surprise waiting inside this affordably premium-priced item from the 100 yen store chain.

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Mount Fuji plans to start charging compulsory fee to climbers

Soon you’ll have to pay to climb Japan’s highest mountain. 

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Journey to Toilet Heaven: Our Writer’s Cheeks-On Experience of the World’s Most Spacious Public Toilet

With every man and his dog having heard tales of Japan’s heated, butt-cheek-massaging, water-squirting thrones or experienced them firsthand by now, the country’s space-age toilets are nothing new.

Why the contraptions haven’t quite caught on overseas yet still amazes me, but Japan continues to do toilets exceedingly well, and few things on this earth please this writer more than opening a stall door and being greeted by a sensor-activated toilet whose lid opens to greet me with the fondness of a dog whose master has just return from a weekend away.

But with all those buttons, dials and functions, Japan’s toilets seem to have peaked. Today’s toilet enthusiasts demand something more! Luxury, ladies and gentlemen, does not come from mere electronics; it comes from spacious, tranquil privacy.

In search of just that, our lucky writer over at RocketNews24 Japan headed out to Chiba prefecture, the home of the world’s most spacious public restroom, documenting the entire process on our behalf. Well, maybe not the entire of the process…

Before we set off, does anyone need to pee?

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