A new way to enjoy one of our favorite donuts just might be our new favorite afternoon tea snack!

Mister Donut’s donuts are good enough on their own, but who doesn’t love an elevated snack? The donut giant themselves have been working hard to use their donuts in new ways, like serving Mister Donut Burgers, and have even come up with original recipes for customers to try at home, like the Agedashi Donuts we tried the other day. Those recipes are hosted on their official site, which is where we also found our latest experiment: the Donuts de A la Mode.

This recipe combines a Mister Donut French crueller donut with whipped cream, a maraschino cherry, and a cup of purin pudding to make a very pretty dessert that looks downright delicious. You can use any brand of pudding you like, but we recommend Glico’s Pucchin Purin since it’s the perfect size to fit on a French crueller. Also, the can-style whipped cream doles out the portion you want more easily, and makes it look pretty, so we recommend that as well.

The first step is to cut the French crueller in half like a bagel. We found a cooking knife to be more useful than a dinner knife; it cut more cleanly and didn’t cause the donut to crumble.

To prepare for the next steps, make sure to use a very flat plate. Your French crueller half should not be tilted at all. This is crucial! We’re working with very delicate materials here.

Once your donut is properly situated, carefully, gently squeeze your pudding out of the cup and on top of the donut…

Swirl on some whippeed cream…

And, very softly, top with a cherry.

Lastly, use the second half of the donut as decoration. Don’t try to make it a sandwich–not yet anyway. You’ll ruin the presentation. For now, lean it on the side like a duffed hat.

And voila! It’s finished!

The pudding was the perfect size for the French crueller, so the donut gave it a kind of frilly edging which was really adorable. With the addition of the whipped cream and cherry on top, it looked like a lovely retro dessert!

How do you eat it? That would probably be up to you. In our opinion, the best way would be to eat the pudding first. By the time it loses its shape, the donut will have absorbed some of the delicious milky pudding and caramel flavors, and at that point, it’s ready to be made into a sandwich.

And as for flavor, well, let’s just say that pudding and French cruellers go just as well together as ice cream and a cone. Especially the caramel topping of the purin. When it melds with the French crueller…Mm!! Now that’s a food evolution we can get behind.

Now…how can we make this even better? Oh, I know! We should toast the donut halves in a sandwich press first!!

Source: Mister Donut
Images © SoraNews24

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