Every time Misdo and Tsujiri meet, it’s matcha magic.

Along with “tasty,” “inexpensive” and “ubiquitous” would be two of the best words to describe Mister Donut. Japan’s biggest donut chain has shops all over Japan, and pretty much every sweet treat they offer is priced under 300 yen (US$2.25).

Tsujiri, on the other hand, is a matcha green tea company that’s always quick to remind customers of its rarified roots in Kyoto’s Gion district. Tsujiri also makes matcha sweets, and delicious as they are, they tend to be premium-priced compared to other green tea confections.

And yet, Mister Donut and Tsujiri are able to combine their talents for some amazing desserts, with the latest products of their periodic partnership arriving this month with five new “Misdo Meets Gion Tsujiri” donuts.

Three of them are part of Mister Donut’s beloved Pon de Ring series of linked-sphere sweets. Outwardly, the Pon de Double Uji Matcha (Uji beng the part of Kyoto most famous for tea) looks the most matcha-y, as it’s covered with a matcha chocolate glaze and has matcha powder kneaded into the donut dough prior to baking.

Secretly, though, it’s the Pon de Koi Matcha Whip Azuki that gives you the greatest number of matcha-based ingredients. While only half of the donut is covered with matcha chocolate, sandwiched inside the sliced ring is a circle of matcha whipped cream with a deep, strong (koi in Japanese) tea flavor, and also some azuki (sweet red beans), because azuki makes everything better.

At first glance, the Pon de Koi Matcha Whip Warabimochi might look like the least special of the bunch, since it has no matcha chocolate glaze at all. It still has the matcha donut dough, though, and as you can see peeking out in the photo below, the matcha whipped cream and azuki filling. What’s also in there, though, is a ring of wiggly warabimochi, a soft and chewy gelatin-like rice cake that makes this donut two desserts in one.

Along with matcha, Tsujiri is also purveyor of fine hojicha, or roasted green tea. So rounding out the lineup is the Rice Flour Uji Hojicha Donut, with hojicha dough and a hojicha glaze

…and the Rice Flour Koi Uji Hojicha Whip Donut, which adds a swirl of hojicha cream in the middle plus chestnut-enhanced sweet bean paste.

While the lineup is the result of Mister Donut’s and Tusjiri’s respective areas of expertise, since these are Mister Donut items they’re priced affordably, with the Pon de Double Uji Matcha and Rice Flour Uji Hojicha at just 194 yen each and the remaining three at 216 yen. They all go on sale March 29 and are scheduled to be available until late April or when supplies run out.

Source, images: PR Times
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