This round has just two donuts, but they’re enough to compete with the last round!

Mister Donut always manages to impress us when they release limited-edition donuts, which are often collaborations with famous sweets shops or chefs and go well beyond what you might expect of a donut.

This winter, as part of their “Misdo meets” series of limited-edition collaborations, they’ve teamed up with famous Tokyo pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka, who was born in Kyoto but trained in Europe and now owns a number of pastry shops in Tokyo. The first round of collab donuts with Yoroizuka completely blew us away, so we couldn’t wait to try the second round, whose delectable donuts went on sale on January 25.

The second round contains two different flavors: the Banane and the Marron Caramel Salé, both of which sell for 248 yen (US$1.91) for takeout. Unlike the donuts in the first round, which each came in cardboard cartons, these were distributed in plastic bags.

We started our taste test with the Banane (which is French for “banana”), and as you might guess from the name and the bananas on the package, this one was flavored with banana.

Once we took it out of the bag, the room filled with the smell of bananas, so there was absolutely no doubt that this donut was banana-flavored. It might have been the most fragrant donut we’d ever eaten.

The top of the donut was colored with white, yellow, and brown toppings, giving it a very appealing look. According to the Mister Donut website, it’s first covered in white chocolate, then coated with a golden topping and cocoa powder, giving it the look of a chocolate banana dessert.

From the side, we could see that the fresh banana filling was spilling out in abundance from the two donut halves. This must have been the source of the strong banana aroma. Inside we found not just banana filling but also plenty of whipped chocolate cream.

The texture was surprisingly firm and stiff. While a lot of the donuts in the Misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka collaboration featured soft, moist donuts, this one stood out with its more solid constitution. The golden topping was also nice and crunchy and was steadfastly secured to the top of the donut by the white chocolate coating.

The flavor was aggressively “banana chocolate”, possibly even more so than a raw banana dipped in chocolate. The dough and whipped cream provided a rich chocolate flavor, and the banana filling’s flavor was just as strong as its aroma. It was almost like eating a donut made with concentrated chocolate and banana flavors. It might be the most “banana chocolate”-flavored thing we’ve ever eaten.

Next, we tried the second donut in round two of the collaboration, which was the Marron Caramel Salé.

It looked like the perfect winter donut when we took it out of the bag. With a sugar glaze topped with almonds and pistachios, this donut was cool in both senses of the word.

Because of the sugar glaze, this donut was super sticky. So sticky, in fact, that we decided to eat it with gloves on.

Between the donut layers was a chestnut whipped cream and salted caramel cream.

The first flavor that came through was chestnut, and the caramel soon followed. We weren’t sure if it was because the whipped chestnut cream was on the inside of the donut, but the chestnut flavor of this donut was much stronger than the Mont Blanc donut of the first round. In our opinion, this reigned supreme out of the two.

The glaze amplified the moistness of the dough, making this donut super delicious. We could tell how much expertise went into crafting it simply based on the way the mild flavor and texture of the chestnut whip let the smooth yet viscous salted caramel cream really come through.

It’s no surprise, but this second round of Misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka was absolutely delicious! These two donuts won’t be around forever–and neither will the first round of donuts–so if you want to try them, definitely go sooner rather than later!

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