Starbucks Japan’s cherry blossom powder donuts, sakura-topped cakes bloom onto the menu

Four new Sakuraful Food desserts are here to get spring started early.

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Starbucks Japan unveils its newest combo deal: three puddings, one cooler bag!

Buy the “Pudding-and-Bag” set and choose three tasty puddings, plus receive a re-usable storage bag to keep them nice and cool.

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Making instant green tea pudding in the snow, just like they would have had to in ancient times

Meg decides to get back to basics by using the natural cooling power of snow to create a delicious matcha dessert.

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Pig bone pudding available online with the slogan: “No, seriously”

Promises the great taste of tonkotsu ramen, in a pudding!

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Japan creates pancake pudding, simultaneously hits two comfort food bullseyes

Clever container even has its own self-contained maple syrup serving.

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Adding hard liquor to Japanese pudding makes it an inner-child pleasing treat just for adults

One of Japan’s oldest distillers shares a delicious dessert idea.

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Starbucks Japan’s new banana chocolate pudding is so good we can’t keep our language clean

Coffee house chain is now four for four with its pudding lineup.

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Turn an ordinary pudding cup into gourmet crème brûlée with this awesome trick from Japan【Video】

Genius sweets fan’s technique takes only seconds, requires no special equipment.

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Starbucks Japan now has matcha pudding on the menu

People around the country are falling in love with the exciting new release.

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Japanese convenience store serves up steamed buns…with a whole custard pudding inside

Steamed pork buns get a sweet companion that’s grabbing everyone’s attention in Japan.

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Starbucks puddings arrive in Japan with cute packaging and gorgeous flavours 【Taste Test】

After months of pining for the Korea-only limited edition release, Starbucks customers in Japan finally get to enjoy the delicious puddings too.

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Starbucks in Korea adds a new item to its menu: custard pudding!

This custard pudding looks so delicious it’ll almost make you regret that Japan only got seasonal sakura and apricot fraps.

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Is Japan’s new pudding ice cream bar too much deliciousness to handle? 【Taste test】

With winter finally over, it’s time to start gorging ourselves on frozen desserts, starting with this combination of two of everyone’s favorite things: ice cream and pudding!

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We substitute mirin for sugar in pudding and then taste it ourselves 【Rocket Kitchen】

If you’re in the mood to cook but running short on ingredients, there’s always the old tactic of asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar. If you are in Japan though, why don’t you ask your neighbor for a cup of mirin, or sweet sake used for cooking, instead?

The Sanshu Mikawa Mirin Distillery has recently been promoting sweets made with mirin. This notion is bound to turn some heads as there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between mirin and sweets in Japanese cooking, where it’s instead often used to add a flavorful touch to grilled fish or sushi. So how is it that this seemingly savory flavor can be substituted for the sweetness of sugar? The RocketKitchen is going to get to the bottom of this and eat some pudding too!

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Century-old brewery crafts soy sauce specifically for use on pudding

Village Vanguard is a popular chain of novelty stores across Japan. There you can find all sorts of things from bird poop stickers to Resident Evil curry to wasabi toothpaste. As such, it’s easy to get desensitized to their range of items and lose the ability to be surprised with what they come out with next.

Or so we thought, until word came of a new product that will be sold there around the end of May. Purin Senyo Shoyu is a specially crafted soy sauce meant to be drizzled over a jiggly glob of pudding. You might wonder what pudding and soy sauce taste like together. The answer is surprisingly simple: it tastes like sea urchin.

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Ever tried to catch pudding in your mouth after it’s dropped from a fourth-floor balcony? 【Video】

When was the last time you were asked to catch purin, Japanese-style pudding, in your mouth after it was dropped from the fourth floor of a building?

The skill of pudding-catching is probably a useful one for comedians, entertainers, and just plain wacky people in general, but if you’re of a more mainstream mentality, you’ve probably not tried this sort of thing before. But no worries, because a trio of Japanese YouTube personalities who delight in all manner of ridiculous antics have got you covered! Even if you can’t understand Japanese, you’ll still be amused by their infectious enthusiasm and amateur filming techniques.

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Ultra-premium green tea pudding costs more than a steak, is probably worth it

One of the first English lessons I taught in Japan was about how to use words like “everywhere” and “nothing.” As part of the class, the students had to practice making sentences with “everyone,” and one woman stood up and gave hers, which was “Everyone likes pudding.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a truer statement. Pudding is universally popular. Even the very wealthy love it, which is why one company in Japan is now selling matcha green tea pudding made from such high-quality ingredients that it costs more than most meals that could precede the tasty dessert.

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New toy from Takara Tomy transforms eggs into custard pudding in just a few cranks of a handle

Although Japan’s purin (crème caramel/flan) differs somewhat from other countries’, everyone has those days where you just want to down a cup or two of the stuff due to some inexplicable craving. Other times you’re sitting there with a regular old cup of instant ramen and want to liven things up with that great custard taste mixed in.

The problem is that purin usually isn’t always at hand, so these cravings require a trip to the corner store or supermarket. But what if you could make your own custard pudding with minimal effort and using only a single egg? And what if you didn’t even have to break that egg to make it?

This dream may become a reality if an upcoming toy from Japan’s Takara Tomy Arts does what its amazing ad claims.

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We try Taiwan’s newest taste sensation: Pudding Ramen!

Taiwanese websites have been swirling with a new food fad that has taken the nation by storm. We’re not sure exactly where it started, but it probably had something to do with two people shouting, “Hey! You got your pudding in my ramen!” and “Hey! You got your ramen in my pudding!” And thus pudding ramen was born.

As the news hit the shores of Japan, we felt this was a combination that needed to be tested. It turns out that pudding ramen is not only tasty, it’s really cheap and easy too. Well played, Taiwan!

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You won’t believe how easy it is to make this delicious ice cream pudding!【Recipe】

It’s been over 80 years since the words “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” were made famous by the 1920s song of the same name. Well, here we are in the 21st century, and it looks like we’re still screaming for ice cream, because who doesn’t love the sweet, cold stuff, right?

Even in the middle of winter, frozen treats like yukimi daifuku and other ice cream products in tantalizing seasonal flavors (seriously, why do they have to come up with ice cream flavors like pumpkin, apple pie and french toast?) can be incredibly tempting. Among our favorites, of course, is Häagen-Dazs ice cream, and today, one of our reporters from the Japanese RocketNews24 site shares with us his very own quick and easy recipe for creating a yummy dessert using store-bought Häagen-Dazs ice creams cups. And what makes it interesting is that although it involves ice cream, it isn’t a frozen dessert!

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