French cruller

We elevate Mister Donut’s cruellers into a fancy dessert with a simple recipe【SoraKitchen】

A new way to enjoy one of our favorite donuts just might be our new favorite afternoon tea snack!

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Doughnut Sandwich Taste Test Round 2 — This time it’s a Mos Burger and Mister Donut creation!

Now, some of our readers may recall that we recently introduced on our site some devilishly tempting-looking doughnut sandwiches sold at Tokyo Station, and guess what? These “doughnut sandwiches” may actually be catching on in Japan, because popular Japanese food chains Mos Burger and Mister Donut have joined forces to come out this week with a new line of “MOSDO!”collaboration products, and one of them is a doughnut sandwich that we might say is one of the most, well… interesting-looking sandwiches we’ve ever seen. It’s the “Mos Burger French Cruller with Round-and-Round Chorizo Sausage” (Mos no French Cruller Guruguru Chorizo), and yes, it really does look like what you see in the picture!

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Mister Donut Limited Edition Lamb French Cruller Doughnut

Mister Donut is the largest doughnut franchise chain in Japan with over 1,300 stores nationwide.  Even more popular than Krispy Kreme and Doughnut Plant, the chain has been serving sweetened, fried pieces of dough to the people of Japan for over 40 years.

Starting October 22, Mister Donut fans are able to enjoy a limited edition French cruller doughnut featuring a smiling white chocolate lamb. Named “French Ura,” this adorable doughnut will only be sold at the chain’s Tokyo Solamachi shop for 189 yen (US $2.37).

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