These sweet-treat accessories will add a decorative and mouth-watering flair to your pet’s home just in time for the winter holidays.

The geniuses at Felissimo have done it again. Before now, we certainly never knew that we needed kitty Halloween marshmallows or feline lingerie, but Felissimo’s products are just so amazing that we simply can’t pass up each new addition to their line of cat-themed goods.

The latest merch to come from the masterminds is the Nyanko (“Kitty”) Rollcake Tunnel (7,440 yen [US$66]), a perfectly browned and ready-to-eat rollcake….made exclusively for your cat to lounge in!

▼ We’re not sure how the judges on The Great British Bake Off would react to this creation, but we give it top marks.

▼ We particularly love the three delectable-looking strawberries adorning the top that lend a lovely finishing touch to the design.

▼ Take a moment to enjoy the rear-end view.


Since it’s made for your pet’s leisure (and not your sweet tooth–ah well), the rollcake comes a bit larger than the real thing. At 25 centimeters tall (not including the strawberries), 27 centimeters wide, and 40 centimeters long (9.8 x 10.6 x 15.7 inches), it’s sure to become one of your kitty’s favorite places to take a catnap.


The tunnel’s entryway, which is 14 centimeters in diameter and made of luxuriously soft material, is the perfect spot for your kitty to rest its head on when the snoozles kick in:

Let’s not forget to mention that the rollcake is also suitable for small dogs!

▼ Here we have the elusive hermit pupper with a rollcake shell.

Along similar lines, we thought we’d also mention that the Nyanko Fruits Tart Cushion (6,580 yen) is another option, if that suits your palate more:

The ultra-soft cushion comes outfitted with an assortment of plump fruit slices and is only missing one ingredient–a furry feline to fill in that last gap!

▼ Diameter: 40 centimeters, height: 11 centimeters

▼ The tart is almost ready to be served! It just needs a dollop of cream.

▼ Also perfect for those of the small canine variety

While the Fruits Tart Cushion is already available for purchase on Felissimo’s international site, preorders for the Rollcake Tunnel are being taken on the Japanese site only until December 7 with an expected shipping date between December 1-21. Might we suggest pairing one of them with a fancy cardboard cat bath if you want to go all out for your furry friend?

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