One Piece fans in South Korea are getting a piece of the superpower-granting Devil Fruit in the form of Devil Cake!

If you’re in any way acquainted with the anime and manga One Piece, you’re probably familiar with Devil Fruit, the series’ mystical fruits that grant special powers when eaten.

South Korean website Extreme Movie has reported on the sale of two Devil Cakes modeled after the fictional super power fruits. Unfortunately, these brightly colored sweet treats won’t give their eaters supernatural abilities, but they sure look just as impressive as those in the series!


▼ The Mera Mera no Mi Devil Cake is made up of layers of pound cake and cheesecake.


▼ The Gomu Gomu no Mi variation is made of chocolate brownie cake.




The Devil Cakes were made available in limited quantities at the end of last year, and we’re guessing they must be big sellers considering how impressive they look.


▼ We’re not quite sure why this Gomu Gomu no Mi cake has thicker white layers than the rest…



▼ Awesome detail.


Although the in-anime Devil Fruits may look visually appealing and juicy, One Piece’s characters say that they taste absolutely horrible. Priced at 50,000 Korean Won (US$41) each, hopefully these real-life Devil Cakes taste more like their delicious confectionery selves than their fictional originals!

Source/Images: Extreme Movie via Zhaizhai News