The My Fruit³ Frappuccino comes in three customisable varieties to suit personal tastes.

Starbucks in Japan is well known for its limited-edition seasonal releases, but did you know there’s a Frappuccino that’s even more exclusive and hard to get?

It’s called the My Fruit³ Frappuccino, and as of this writing, it’s only available at 15 locations in Japan:

LUMINE Kawagoe store
Utsunomiya Ito-Yokado store
Yonago TSUTAYA Kakubancho store
Aeon Mall KYOTO store
Ario Kawaguchi store
Nara Konoike Sports Park Store
Meets Kokubunji store
Takasaki Opa store
Okayama Ichibangai store
Shibuya Stream store
Omotesando Hills store
Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu 3 B1F store
Perrier Chiba 5th floor store
Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin Ekimae store
LaLaport Fujimi 3rd floor store

While it’s unclear why these specific locations have been selected to sell the Frappuccino, they appear to be located in relatively touristy areas, which is good news for travellers in Japan, and good news for our reporter K. Masami, who happens to live near a branch that recently became a stockist this month.

As soon as she heard about the new drink’s arrival at her local store, she immediately headed out to try it, and was welcomed with a large sign out the front heralding its grand debut and a menu board describing the finer details to customers.

▼ There are three types — Orange & Passionfruit, Strawberry, and Grape & Peach — priced at 750 yen (US$4.98) each.

According to the signs, you can freely “Choose & Enjoy” from a variety of fruit blends, base options, fruit additions and whipped creams to create your own custom variation of the Frappuccino, and after consulting with staff, Masami hit open two customisations to suit her tastes.

She opted for a Strawberry with strawberry cream, peach fruit, and passionfuit tea, and a Grape & Peach with regular cream, orange fruit and tofu milk, with the two drinks coming to a total of 1,500 yen.

Her customised creations turned out to be brightly coloured and beautiful to look at. Masami couldn’t help but think that if these Frappuccinos were sold across the country, there’d be even longer lines at stores every day.

Trying the Strawberry first, Masami’s cheeks puckered at the unique tartness of the passionfruit tea, which added sour notes to the otherwise sweet flavours.

The peach fruit pieces at the base of the tea-based Frappuccino added a delightful texture to every mouthful, while the strawberry cream imparted a mellow softness.

The cream helped to bring the various fruit flavours together in a harmonious manner, making it incredibly delicious and easy to drink.

While the Strawberry Frappuccino was a strong and icy concoction, the Grape & Peach was gentle and milky by comparison.

The grape flavour was fresh and juicy, complementing the tart bright bursts of orange and passionfruit in between for a deliciously mellow yet fruity flavour.

It was so light and refreshing Masami felt like she could’ve had two of them in one sitting, but the thing that surprised her most was how good these unusual combinations were.

She would never have thought to combine strawberry or grape with passionfruit flavours, but as it turns out the resulting sweet and tart mix is one that keeps your taste buds dancing with every mouthful.

After trying just two out of the many possible mix-and-match combinations for this unusual Frappuccino, Masami is confident that you’ll be happy no matter what customisation you land on. In fact, the Fruit³ Frappuccino is so good she reckons it’ll be rolled out at more branches in future, so keep an eye on the website for more location updates!

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