Fruit 5_R

If you’re a fan of the hit manga and anime series One Piece, chances are you’ve at least fantasized at some point about getting your hands on one of the mystical Devil Fruits that can give you great magical powers. Well, since a real Devil Fruit is, shall we say, not exactly easy to come by in the world we live in, Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai has come up with the next best thing — a realistic looking figure of one of the magical fruits. Yes, you can now own your very own Flame-Flame Fruit, or Flare-Flare Fruit, as the Devil Fruit is sometimes known, and for a toy figure, we think it looks pretty awesome!

In the anime and comic, the Flame-Flame Fruit, called Mera Mera no Mi in Japanese, gives the person who eats it the power to control and become fire itself. Now, Bandai has made a colorful PVC replica of the fruit that measures 15cm (approx 6 in) in diameter.

Fruit 1_R

▼This is what the fruit looked like in the anime. We think the figure is quite a faithful recreation of the fictional fruit, especially the intricate swirls!

▼When you hold it in your hands, it’s large enough to have a definite presence!  And the fact that it’s made from soft PVC should make it feel even more real.Fruit 2_R

Fruit 3_R

▼It doesn’t even look out-of-place among a bunch of real fruits! We think it even looks attractive, actually, with its mango-like color.Fruit

▼It looks nice displayed with some other figures as well.Fruit 6

The figure is priced at 3,240 yen (US$31.70), and they’re now taking pre-orders on the Premium Bandai website, but you’ll have to wait until December to receive your Flame-Flame Fruit, although we have a feeling that many fans will be more than willing to wait a few months to have their very own Devil Fruit. In any case, the wait may be a good thing, since not many people would want to think about fire with the summer heat we’re experiencing at the moment in Japan, but by the time the product comes out in December, we’re sure images of warm flames will be more than welcome.

For now, we think a magical fruit that can simply make us “look” hot for the summer beach season would be just about perfect … has anyone found that fruit yet?

Source: INSIDE (Japanese), Premium Bandai website (Japanese)
Image of Mera Mera no Mi: One Piece WIKI
All other photos: Premium Bandai website