Beloved anime cat Doraemon appears as a pile of blue goo.

The last weekend in March decided to give Japan an early preview of summertime weather, with scorching sunshine baking the country with high temperatures. It was so hot that we ended up eating our ramen cold (an unusual experience that we highly recommend), but eating cooling foods isn’t an option for inanimate objects like anime figures, obviously.

And so Japanese Twitter users were shocked when they saw this photo @taco_handmade of anime’s most famous robot cat, Doraemon, lying in a liquidy puddle.

“It’s so hot…
He’s going to melt…
He melted!”

@taco_handmade’s photos were quickly retweeted over 100,000 times, no doubt thanks to the bizarre mix of comedy and tragedy at seeing a beloved childhood icon reduced to a thin layer of sludge. However, it turns out that while it was indeed hot last weekend, it wasn’t that hot, because @taco_handmade later sent a follow-up tweet revealing that…

…this Doraemon’s body had never been truly solid in the first place. @taco_handmade actually had purchased a tub of “Mysterious Goop” play gel from 100 yen shop Daiso, matching the color of Doraemon’s blue body, and combined it with the hard plastic facial features, stomach, hands, and feet from a Doraemon model kit, while leaving the model’s blue body pieces unused.

▼ If the Twitter handle wasn’t enough of a hint, these photos of some of her other creations show that @taco_handmade is pretty good at arts and crafts.

So really, it’s not that @taco_handmade’s Doraemon model melted, but rather that she simply hasn’t put it together yet. That said, it actually is possible for anime figures to melt from extreme heat (as we learned last year), so if you’ve got any 3-D decorations of your favorite 2-D characters, you might want to keep them away from the window during the summer months.

Source: Twitter/@taco_handmade via Golden Times
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