A clever way to preserve a fading part of video game design.

Japan’s gacha capsule toy vending machines are a lot of fun, but they’re not the only way to transform your loose change into instant-gratification enjoyment. As gamers know, arcade game machines are another worthy candidate for dropping a few coins into.

So now there’s a way to combine the two with the Arcade Machine Coin Slot series.

The latest creation from capsule toy maker Tama-Kyu, the Arcade Machine Coin Slot lineup consists of four different designs. Two of them are “light-up style,” with coloring that gives the illusion of the rear-illuminated plastic cover for a powered-on coin-op game’s coil slot cover.

While not unseen in Japan, the above style tends to be more common in overseas arcade games. Within Japan, most of the semi-standardized arcade cabinets have a slot that’s comparatively flush to the machine, with an accompanying plunger-action refund rod.

▼ These versions of the toys come with a separate faux refund tray.

The Arcade Machine Coin Slot capsule toys have self-adhesive backings and are meant for decorative use, and can’t actually accept coins (there’d be nowhere for the coins to go). They do look convincingly realistic, though, especially when stuck on something that theoretically could be coin-operated.

The series is available in capsule toy machines now, priced at 300 yen (US$2.20) each. Granted, you could also use those three hundred yen coins to play three arcade games, but with arcades starting to become rarer in Japan, the Arcade Machine Coin Slot might be the sort of preservation of gamer culture you’ll want to have for your home.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Images: PR Times
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