Spy x Family’s littlest-but-biggest star makes her Cross Shinjuku Vision debut.

Spy x Family ostensibly has three main characters: Loid, a spy posing as a doctor, Yor, an assassin posing as a housewife, and Anya, their adopted elementary school-age daughter posing as a kid who doesn’t have psychic mind-reading powers. Really, though, Anya steals just about every scene she’s in, as her precociously purehearted proclivities make her impossible not to emotionally latch onto and root for, whether she’s trying help secure world peace or win a school dodgeball competition (though those two goals aren’t always mutually exclusive).

So with the Spy x Family anime’s second-season debut right around the corner and a celebratory promotion running on one of downtown Tokyo’s premiere giant video screens, it stands to reason that the series’ biggest star is the one spreading the word to passerby Tokyoites, as Anya is currently showing up on the Cross Shinjuku Vision billboard outside Shinjuku Station.

The unique curved design and overhead placement of the Cross Shinjuku Vision screen helps create a 3-D effect, and while it’s not as pronounced here as it was last month when the display was filled up with cat Pokémon, the use of shadows still makes it look like Anya really is gazing out over the hustle and bustle of the Shinjuku neighborhood.

“Hey, everybody down there, Anya has a request for you all,” she shouts, in the adorable voice of voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki. “Don’t miss what Anya gets up to!” she reminds everyone within earshot, before a teaser trailer for Spy x Family Season 2 plays.

Anya appears twice an hour on Cross Shinjuku Vision, at 10 and 40 minutes after the hour. The videos seem to be slightly different, too, with the 40-minutes-after version shown below.

What’s more, Anya is gracing the Shinjuku Alta Vision and Newno GS Shinjuku Vision video billboards as well. Alta Vision and Cross Shinjuku Vision are almost right next to each other, and if you’re lucky, you might just be able to catch a double-dose of Anya.

Anya first showed up on Cross Shinjuku Vision on Monday, and she’ll be sticking around until October 9. Meanwhile, Spy x Family Season 2 premiers on October 1, and you’ll definitely want to catch the opening credits.

Source, images: Twitter/@spyfamily_anime
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