Meowth, Litten, and their fellow Pokémon felines appear on International Cat Day.

Competition improves the breed, so the saying goes, and that holds true in a lot of aspects in life, including giant video billboards in Tokyo. Last summer, Shinjuku was enchanted when the Cross Shinjuku Vision monitor began gracing the neighborhood with the presence of a 3-D kitty cat. Recently, though, the Shibuya district has responded with multiple giant Akita puppies frolicking across its Syncro 7 Shibuya Hit Vision array of monitors.

That put the ball back in Cross Shinjuku Vision’s court, and that ball has turned out to be a Poké Ball, with a new 3-D animated sequence starring eight Pokémon species…which are all cats!

Following a brief intro from face of the franchise Pikachu, the sequence features Meowth (in regular, Alolan, and Galarian versions), Pokémon Sun and Moon starter Litten, Skitty, Glameow, Purrloin, and Espurr, as seen in the video below.

The feline focus isn’t just because it was a 3-D cat that put Cross Shinjuku Vision on the pop culture map. The cat Pokémon video debuted playing on August 8, which is International Cat Day. Of course, the animated sequence is too awesomely adorable to only play for one day, so it’ll be running periodically on Cross Shinjuku Vision until September 5, with the exception of August 22, when the the monitor will be dark during maintenance.

Fans aren’t entirely out of luck on the 22nd, though as the area around Cross Shinjuku Vision will be experiencing increased encounter rates for the eight Poké felines within Pokémon GO between now and September 5.

Hopefully Syncro 7 Shibuya Hit Vision will respond with a video of Yamper, Houndour, and Rockruff before long.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Twitter/@PokemonGOAppJP, PR Times
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