A cute and stylish collection from a popular bag brand…get yours before they’re gone!

My Neighbor Totoro fans, get your wallets ready! A new special, super limited-edition collection is available only in Shinjuku right now, and you’ll want to go get it!

It’s a collection of Totoro bags that come in various shapes and sizes, with the theme of “Night Forest”. The print used on the exterior of the bags, as well as the interior lining, is of the scene from the movie when Mei and Satsuki cling to Totoro’s furry belly as he flies over a forest area at night.

With a mixture of dark blues and blacks painting the landscape they fly over complemented with a big, furry white panel made of faux fur that looks like Totoro’s belly on the outside, these are great bags for Totoro fans. And on the inside, at the very bottom of each bag, you’ll also find a hidden image of Totoro, Mei, and Satsuki flying with Totoro’s umbrella.

The bags come in multiple styles, including a vertical shoulder bag for 25,300 yen (US$173.50)…

A two-way toolbag for 35,750 yen, which has a shoulder strap and handstrap…

And a similarly equipped two-way tote bag for 38,500 yen.

These bags are from Porter, a Tokyo-based brand of fashion bags and accessories. The three listed are just a few of the options that will be available in celebration of the final stop in Porter’s 60th-anniversary trunk show tour across Mitsukoshi Isetan department stores throughout Japan.

The trunk show will finish its tour at the Shinjuku branch of Mitsukoshi Isetan from October 19 to 25, which is also when the Totoro bags will be on sale in Mitsukoshi Isetan Porter stores across the country. Starting on October 20, you’ll also be able to order them from the Mitsukoshi Isetan online store. It’s better to go in person, however, because the online store doesn’t have its own stock, so if the stores sell out before you can order one, you’ll be out of luck!

Last year’s round of My Neighbor Totoro x Porter bags, themed on the forest scene where Mei sleeps on Totoro’s belly, sold out extremely quickly, so don’t dither if you’re planning to buy one of the new ones!

Source, images: PR Times
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