Nothing’s more wholesome than these seven servings of Totoro and summertime produce goods.

Beloved characters from My Neighbor Totoro are here to brighten your summer with a new line of colorful goods!

Released in late June, the line takes inspiration from an imaginative concept: What if Mei were playing make-believe greengrocer with the fresh fruits and vegetables that Kanta’s grandmother grew? The idea is just as charming when actualized in the following seven items.

First, for those who have a weakness for cute shelf decorations, these figures of White (or Chibi) Totoro (935 yen [US$8.50] each) playing and hiding among fruit and veggies are sure to tantalize your taste and “cute” buds. The series features six figures including one mystery type that’s not being released in promotional images.

Even better, they come packaged in a cute box designed to look like a cardboard shipment of produce.

▼ One order of “Totoro Vegetable Play” coming at you

For something a little more practical, there’s this fuzzy hand-sized pouch (2,200 yen) that’s Totoro on the front…

…and green like a fresh soybean on the back! The White Totoro label is also a cute touch.

The large pouch (2,420 yen) is even more practical for travel with a whimsical pattern that will remind you of summer no matter what the season is.

This glasses case (1,980 yen) features the same pattern with a greater orange accent.

It would be hard for anyone with hair below the shoulders to say no to this embroidered watermelon hair band (990 yen)! Adding a splash of color to any updo, the presence of a soot sprite makes it even cuter.

If you’re looking to spruce up a bag, the freshly harvested watermelon Totoro keychain (1,100 yen) should do the job nicely (and make you crave some watermelon smashing on the beach).

Lastly, check out this reusable bag (2,640 yen) with the same pattern featured above…

…which converts into an ear of corn when in storage mode!

The Totoro fruits and vegetable shop collection can now be purchased at Studio Ghibli-licensed chain Donguri Kyowakoku and its online shop.

If Totoro’s kawaii factor just doesn’t do it for you, maybe this new Harajuku-themed hotel room from Tokyo’s district of cute will do the trick instead.

Source, images: PR Times
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