This Frappuccino’s special ingredient is seasonal in more ways than one.

Halloween decorations are going up in Japan, which means that things are looking a little spookier…and also a little more purple. Sure, you’ll see the traditional black-and-orange color scheme too, but in Japan you’ll also spot a whole lot of Halloween design accents, like witch’s hats and capes, in purple, since it produces just the sort of fashionably cute vibe that Japan loves.

And another place you’ll be seeing purple this Halloween season: Starbucks Japan, which has unveiled its newest limited-time dessert drink, the Purple Halloween Frappuccino.

While grape would have been an option, the special flavor here is in fact murasaki imo, a type of purple sweet potato, which not only fits color-wise with the season but also appeals to Japanese foodies’ love of autumn sweet potatoes.

▼ The blended cream-base Purple Halloween Frappuccino boasts both purple sweet potato powder and purple sweet potato vanilla sauce.

Also appearing on Starbucks menu for Halloween is the Melty Raspberry in Halloween Cake. The chain says its “appearance is just a little mysterious,” and sure, that’s an apt description for it in this form.

Tear into it, though, and “more than a little frightening” might be more accurate, with the raspberry filling, which is no doubt flavorfully tart, looking like blood seeping from a freshly opened wound, so be sure not to drip any on your 100 yen store zombie makeup.

▼ And that “giggle giggle” isn’t making it any less unnerving.

The Purple Halloween Frappuccino goes on sale October 19 and will be sticking around until October 31, priced at 690 yen for a tall, while the Melty Raspberry in Halloween Cake is 290 yen. And if you’re in the mood for even more Halloween fun, Starbucks Japan also has a new collection of black cat drinkware to celebrate the season.

Source: Starbucks Japan, Fashion Press
Top image: Starbucks Japan
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