Black drink and cake play tricks on us with hidden treats.

It’s that time of year again, when the ghouls come out to play and stores gleam with orange and purple hues for the spooky season. Over at Starbucks, however, the colour palette is a much darker affair, with jet black taking centre stage on this year’s limited-edition Frappuccino and chocolate cake for Halloween.

The theme for this year is “Halloween Peek a Boo! Im not here” with the Halloween Chocolate Cake and Booooo Frappuccino playing tricks on us by concealing hidden tastes beneath their dark exteriors.

The Halloween Chocolate Cake is served up like a cupcake, with a look designed to “fascinate with its suspicious pitch black appearance”. Hidden beneath the crunchy chocolate coating is a topping of purple blueberry cream, which is said to strike the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness to complement the moist black cocoa cake dough.

▼ The cakes are priced at 324 yen (US$2.17) each for takeout or 330 yen for eat-in.

The Booooo Frappuccino invites us to take a sip on the dark side with a black sauce that’s actually a bitter caramel sauce. This black goo subtly conceals a bright orange pumpkin pudding, which can be seen lurking at the bottom of the cup. Each sip is said to contain notes of fragrant bitter caramel and sweet pumpkin, while the plumpness of the pudding provides a fun textural contrast in every mouthful.

▼ The Booooo Frappuccino will be sold in a Tall size only, priced at 678 yen for takeout and 690 yen for drink-in.

Starbucks has certainly found a novel way to capture the intrigue and tomfoolery of Halloween season in edible form, and we can’t wait to try both limited-edition items when they’re released on 11 October. As always, stocks are limited and they’ll only be on the menu for a limited time until 31 October, so you’ll want to stop by sooner rather than later, otherwise the Booooo Frappuccino might turn into a booooo-hooooo situation.

Source, images: Press release
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