If you love KitKats so much, why not sleep inside them?

Earlier this month, we took a look at one of the latest advancements in bedding available in Japan: a fried chicken-shaped sleeping bag. Visually unique as it is, though, obviously not everyone wants to sleep in something that looks like a golden-brown breaded chicken breast.

Some people would rather sleep inside a giant KitKat wrapper, and that’s fine, and also possible thanks to Nestle Japan.

The sleeping arrangement consists of two parts. The shikibuton, the part that goes on the floor and that you lie on top of, is shaped and styled like a pair of Kit Kat wafers. Measuring 210 centimeters (82.7 inches) in length and 100 centimeters in width, making it effectively the same size as a single-size mattress.

To keep yourself warm, you also get a blanket that looks like a KitKat wrapper and measures 150 centimeters in width.

The KitKat futon is far from a regular futon, and so it’s not purchasable by regular means either. It’s being offered as part of a promotional campaign by Japanese discount retailer Don Quijote. Shoppers who purchase 2,700 yen (US$18.25) worth of KitKats at a single time at Don Quijote between November 1 and December 1, and pay using the Majica e-money payment system, can enter to win the futon, as well as a special KitKat wheeled suitcase.

30 winners will be selected for each, and an additional 300 people will receive 1,000 yen Majica credit bonuses, with the futon and suitcase prizes shipping in February.

Source, images: Press release
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