A new must-try Japanese KitKat to put on your shopping list!

It’s been 50 years since KitKat first debuted in Japan, and since then the brand has evolved to encompass a wide variety of exclusive flavours, from edamame through to Japanese sake.

Now the brand is continuing to please local palates with a new flavour, teaming up with Japanese sweets store Sugar Butter Tree.

Sugar Butter Tree is a butter cereal sweets specialty store founded in 2010. Its most popular sweet is the Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree, which is made with a unique blend of fermented butter and a special cereal dough, with a centre of soft white chocolate sandwiched in between.

▼ These buttery sweets are said to be so crispy they crack like a tree branch, hence the name.

The baked treats are similar to a KitKat in that they’re designed to be snapped in the middle, giving you two bite-sized pieces in each serving. As this allows you to share them with a friend or special someone, sales of the new Sugar Butter Tree began on “Good Couple’s Day” on 22 November.

The KitKats are sold in boxes of six or 12, priced at 702 yen (US$4.70) and 1,382 yen respectively.

The special KitKat packaging pays homage to the collaboration by featuring the pale blue, pink and yellow brand colours of Sugar Butter Tree, along with its cute tree design.

The treat inside, however, retains the look of a KitKat, while capturing the qualities of the Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree that makes it so popular.

The chocolate coating recreates the same melty, milky deliciousness of the baked sweet, with a smooth, butter-scented cream infused between the wafers. This particular KitKat is said to have a new crispy texture to better replicate the crunch of the Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree, which is made with a special cereal dough containing seven types of ingredients: wheat flour, whole wheat flour, rye, yeast, corn grits, oats, and bread flour.

The new KitKat promises to deliver crunchy, buttery sweet chocolate flavours in every bite, but they won’t be easy to find as they’re currently only being sold at one location, Tokyo Station’s Tokyo Okashi Land, from 22 November 2023 to 9 January 2024.

From 10 January, 2024, sales will be expanded mainly to airports such as Haneda Airport, so be sure to keep an eye out for them during your travels!

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Featured image: PR Times

Insert images: PR Times (1, 2)
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