New limited-edition beverages spread golden festive cheer.

Just last month, Starbucks revealed the first of its annual festive Frappuccinos for 2022 — a red-and-white drink called the Strawberry & Velvet Brownie Frappuccino.

Now, the coffeehouse chain has unveiled its second limited-edition release for the holidays, and this time it’s a golden-brown beverage called the Butter Caramel Mille-feuille Frappuccino.

Available in a tall size for 690 yen (US$4.87), the new Frappuccino is said to have a crunchy texture that mimics the sensation of eating a mille-feuille, the famous multi-layered French pastry with a name that translates as “a thousand leaves”.

▼ The mille-feuille that Starbucks aims to encapsulate with this dessert beverage is one with a butter caramel filling, pictured left, below.

A rich custard sauce is drizzled throughout the drink, with caramel paste, fiantine — a crispy, finely baked crepe dough — and pie pastry crumbs layered inside to resemble the mille-feuille. A smooth butter caramel sauce is added to the mix, and also on top, to accentuate the fragrant caramel and rich butter notes.

The cold beverage will be joined by the Butter Caramel Mille-feuille Latte for a more warming version, complete with butter caramel sauce, custard sauce, espresso, and steamed milk. This one will also be topped with fiantine and pie crumbs for a fun textural accent, and will be available in Short through to Venti sizes for 550-680 yen.

Both new beverages will be on the menu from 30 November until 25 December, or while stocks last.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan 
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