We got more than just chocolate!

First Lindt, now Godiva! Sometimes the best lucky bags are the ones with food you know you’re going to like, and Godiva Japan is no exception. Our Japanese-language reporter K. Masami is a chocolate lover herself, but she often balks at Godiva’s pricey goods. What better way to get a good deal on them than with a lucky bag? And so, she set off on her mission.

Godiva’s 2023 lucky bags were offered in different types, depending on where you shopped. Bags sold at Godiva’s department store branches, for example, were different from those sold in outlet malls, shopping centers, or online stores.

K. Masami went to a shopping center to get hers, and there were two options offered there: one for 3,240 yen (US$24.46) and one for 5,400 yen. The contents of each bag were revealed on the shop’s sign, so Masami knew exactly how much bang she would get for her yen. She opted for the 3,240 yen bag, and here’s what was inside:

  • ’23 New Year Special Assortment R530 Chocolates (8 pieces)
  • Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels
  • Cookie Assortment (8 cookies)
  • New Year Happy Bag

Compared to bags in previous years, which included extras like Godiva ice cream, Masami thinks some Godiva fans would be disappointed. However, Masami was fairly satisfied by the variety of goods offered, which was quite similar to their 2017 lucky bag.

She also thought the fact that there were so many different lucky bag types out there was interesting! Though Godiva may switch up how they do fukubukuro every year, change isn’t always a bad thing.

When you take into account the price of the individual items and the fact that you can reuse the bag it comes in, it’s a pretty good deal.

For reference, most eight-piece chocolate sets are above 2,000 yen on Godiva’s online shop, while the cookies are above 1,000 yen and the pretzels aren’t currently available on the online shop, so it’s a great find!

Masami’s overall rating? Pretty good from a Godiva Japan fan’s point of view. She does hope they’ll increase the quality of the bag and its contents next year, though! In the meantime, she has some snacking to do.

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