A perfectly decadent combination of east-meets-west in dessert drink form

When it comes to chocolate, it doesn’t get more decadent than Godiva, whose cafes serve luxuriously chocolatey drinks, sweets, and, well, chocolate. And of course they also have limited-edition seasonal menu items that add to the appeal, and this spring there are two delicious cherry blossom-themed drinks coming to the menu in Japan.

They’re part of Godiva’s popular dessert beverage series known as Chocolixer, and are called the Chocolixer Cherry Blossom Full Bloom series.

▼ Cold version

There’s a hot version, called the Hot Chocolixer Cherry Blossom Full Bloom, and an iced version (simply called Chocolixer Cherry Blossom Full Bloom), both of which are topped with whipped cream and a pink syrup to emulate cherry blossoms in full bloom. They’re a blend of Japanese and western flavors, with Godiva’s rich white chocolate combined with cherry blossom and red bean paste.

▼ Hot version

The cold version of the Chocolixer Cherry Blossom Full Bloom comes in a regular (790 yen [US$5.35]) and a large size (900 yen), while the Hot Chocolixer Cherry Blossom Full Bloom comes only in a regular size for 730 yen. Both varieties will be available at all Godiva Japan cafes serving Chocolixer drinks starting on February 16, but they’ll be available in very limited quantities and only until April 11 (or until supplies last), so if you want to try them, the early bird gets the worm, as they say!

If you want to really dive into Godiva chocolatey goodness, be sure to pair your drink with a Godiva and Mister Donut’s Premium Heart Collection donut…because you deserve to treat yourself!

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times

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